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The Golden Globe Nominations Are Out And There Are Some Clear Winners

Some of our favorites have been nominated!


    If you’re a firm follower of RetroEnt (why wouldn’t you be? We’re totes amazeballs) you’ll know that we’re totally obsessed with movies. Yep, we’d spend all day erryday watching the latest blockbusters if we could, but y’know, who else would bring you the latest movie news if we spent all of our time watching movies and not writing about them? We’re just too nice.

    Because we love movies so much, it’s fair to say that we get pretty excited around this time of year as our favorite films and actors are blessed with Golden Globes nominations – and we can FINALLY say that the nominations are out (yay!) With numerous nominations under their belts, there are some clear winners this year, and we hate to blow our own trumpets…but we kinda called some of them.
    The Disaster Artist Artist Nominated For Two Golden Globe Awards

    Yuh-huh, just a few weeks ago we predicted that one of our favorite movies to write about, The Disaster Artist (James Franco – what a legend), would win a heck load of accolades at the various upcoming movie award ceremonies, and the Golden Globe nominations have proved us right. However, James Franco and the gang haven’t just got the one nomination. Oh, no! Those cool dudes have been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards: one for the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy and the other for James Franco as the Best Actor, Comedy or Musical. You go, James Franco.

    However, it’s fair to say that The Disaster Artist has been overshadowed by another one of our favorites: The Shape of Water. We’ve been banging on about this movie now for MONTHS – because we absolutely love Guillermo del Toro, but also because we thought the kooky little modern day Beauty & The Beast story was gonna be epic. It seems we weren’t the only ones to think so, as The Shape of Water has been nominated for a whopping 7 Golden Globe awards! Nope, youreyes aren’t playing tricks on you…that really did say 7. Among these nominations are Best Original Score, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Motion Picture and more. Well, we know who we’ll be placing our bets on.

    The Shape of Water Nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards

    The nominations don’t stop there, though. You may remember us reporting on the fact that the legendary Daniel Day-Lewis would be retiring from the world of acting *sobs* and taking up a new passion after the release of his last movie, Phantom Thread. It seems Day-Lewis may be going out with a bang, as he has been nominated for the Best Actor Award in the Drama category. Among the various other nominees are Dunkirk, Get Out, I, Tonya, Stranger Things (which we also bang on about all the time), and Battle of the Sexes. Find out who will need to clear a space on their shelves at the 75th Golden Globe Awards on January 7, 2018. We can’t wait!

    The Golden Globe Nominations Are Out

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