The Best Christmas Movies Ever

Which one takes your number one spot?


    It’s that time of year again. Crimbo is almost upon us, and we’ll soon be breaking open the wine, selection boxes, and tucking into handfuls of turkey. I love the wining and dining at Christmas time, but, one of the other things I adore is being able to watch Christmas movies. Some epic, some cheesy, all glorious! You’ve probably started hearing Christmas songs when you’re out and about, and the Hallmark Channel has begun their annual ritual of showing cheesy Christmas films. I can’t wait to get the seasonal TV guide and mark down what classic flicks I’ll be getting comfy for this holiday season.

    Best Christmas movies

    Nothing makes me feel Christmassy quite like curling up on the sofa with a blanket, a glass of wine/beer/scotch (delete where applicable) and indulging in a great Christmas film. So, to help get you guys just as excitable and annoying as I am, I thought I’d compile a list of some of the all-time best Christmas films. Yes, there will be some controversial choices on here, but, it’s my list, so if you don’t like it, go take it up with Santa!

    Elf (2003)

    Best Christmas movies - Elf

    Okay, I’m going to ease you in gently with Elf, indeed, one of the finest Christmas movies ever (and I don’t really care for Will Ferrell). Elf has everything you could want from a Christmas movie – it’s funny, very touching, and has an uplifting ending to it. The movie definitely ranks as one of the best Christmas films ever, but you might want to watch it with a box of tissues in case you are overcome by the spirit of Christmas.

    Bad Santa (2003)

    Best Christmas Movies - Bad Santa

    This is one of the better adult-friendly Christmas flicks – with Billy Bob Thornton a natural in the role of an alcoholic, foul-mouthed criminal who takes a job as a mall Santa with the intention of robbing the mall. It’s a hilarious and gleefully offensive black comedy that is certainly not to everyone’s tastes. But it is the perfect antidote for the waves of Christmas schmaltz that you’re probably going to be drowning in after a few days.

    Home Alone (1990)

    Best Christmas movies - Home Alone

    Home Alone has got to rank in the Top 3 best Christmas movies ever. This timeless Chris Columbus classic about an eight-year-old boy mistakenly left at home for his family’s Christmas vacation to France is still as much of a classic today. A feel-good movie, with mischievous undertones, and heaps of fun; you’ll feel like a kid again the second the first scene starts rolling. Home Alone would make it onto anyone’s list of best-ever Christmas movies and is a must for the holiday season.

    Gremlins (1984)

    Best Christmas Movies - Gremlins

    Number two on my personal list of best Christmas movies of all-time, Gremlins has it all. It’s funny, it’s cool, there are bits that make you go “Aaaahhh,” and there are bits that are genuinely scary. It’s the perfect Christmas fantasy-horror movie, and isn’t Gizmo just the cutest?! A wonderful Christmas movie, with an excellent ‘80s cast, including Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman. If you’ve never seen Gremlins I insist you check it out this Christmas – or come round my place, I’ll definitely have it on.

    The Grinch (2000)

    Best Christmas movies - The Grinch

    A tale as old as time, The Grinch was a 2000 adaptation of the Dr. Seuss tale, helmed by Ron Howard, and with funnyman Jim Carrey as the titular green curmudgeon. Everyone knows the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas, but this tale comes complete with a heartwarming ending, in which the Grinch realizes the spirit of Christmas. It’s kind of like A Christmas Carol just without the ghosts.

    Die Hard (1988)

    Best Christmas movies - Die Hard

    And here it is, the finest Christmas movie of all time. Trees down. Decorations away. If any of your friends tell you Die Hard isn’t the best Christmas movie ever, time to disown them as friends. This action masterpiece featuring New York cop John McClane trapped in a Los Angeles high-rise when terrorists take over a Christmas party is one of the best movies ever. Often imitated, never equaled, and with an awesome soundtrack to boot, Christmas movies don’t get much more high-octane than this.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

    Best Christmas movies - The Nightmare Before Christmas

    So many people rate this Tim Burton classic as one of the best Christmas movies, and it’s not hard to see why. This dark animated feature set the tone for so many movies to follow and showed us what can be achieved with the spirit of Christmas. Jack Skellington, bored of his job, decides to take over Christmas but learns the beauty, love, and kindness of the Yuletide season.

    The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

    Best Christmas movies - The Muppet Christmas Carol

    This flick was always on in my house as a kid; in fact, I’m pretty sure I still have the VHS somewhere at home! The Muppets do Christmas, and the results are glorious, with Michael Caine perfectly cast as Scrooge. This retelling of Shakespeare’s timeless fable is one the whole family can enjoy, and the soundtrack is pretty awesome as well. One, two, three, all together now “We’re Marley and Marley…”

    These are just some of the best movies I hope to see on the TV this holiday season – and if not, I have most of them on DVD anyway! Watching an excellent Christmas movie, or several, is one of the best ways of getting into the Christmas spirit, and being as festive as possible. Use these awesome flicks to really make the most of the holiday season, and work your way through them with mulled wine and mince pies!

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