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The 200-Year Old Tree in Shawshank Redemption Has Just Been Cut Down

No good thing ever dies…


    Okay, so we’re pretty protective of anything related to Shawshank Redemption, so let’s just say we’re not too happy about this!

    If you are true fans of the movie (like us), you might remember that the tree starred in the 1994 movie, and appeared at the end of the movie, when Morgan Freeman finds Tim Robbins’ letter. You know, the bit where we all cried…

    But it seems like the life of the famous tree has now come to an end, and the tree was cut down last weekend. The tree was damaged back in 2011 after high winds knocked down portions of it, and became incredibly rotten. And then, when another storm struck the Ohio property last July, the tree became even more damaged. So we get why it was done, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt even less.

    After the 200-year-old tree appeared in the movie, the co-owner of the Ohio property, Dan Dees, has often been offered money from members of the public and Shawshank Redemption fans for parts of the tree – but they never really wanted to sell it. Instead, they decided to remove the rotten tree to utilize the space for farming.

    It’s said, though, that they do have plans for the wood. Dees wants to ‘make a table out of it or a bench.’ We’d quite like to see Morgan Freeman buy that bench for one of his many dining rooms.

    This makes us sad, but in the words of Andy Dufresne to Red, “no good things ever die.”

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