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Taylor Swift Rumored to Be Taking on THIS Role in New X-Men Film

She could seriously DAZZLE us all…


    As if T-Swizzle wasn’t famous or talented enough – it seems she could be adding a new string to her guitar (just to make us mere mortals feel even more inferior). The new word going around the Hollywood rumor mill is that pop star Taylor Swift will be joining the cast of X-Men for their next movie, X-Men: Dark Phoenix (which we’re super excited about BTW).

    Taylor Swift has been rumored to play Dazzler in the new X-Men movie

    Although nothing has been made official, we do know that a new character will be joining the franchise in the upcoming movies. Marvel has confirmed that a brand new mutant – Dazzler – will make her debut appearance in Dark Phoenix, and she just happens to be a teenage popstar-turned-superhero. Some might say Taylor Swift just happens to fit that bill (although maybe not the superhero bit, but you never know…) The new superhero will go by the real name of Alison Blaire and have the super cool ability to turn sound into light.

    Since the Dazzler announcement, fans have been speculating about the character and who will be playing her – and they’ve all pretty much come to the conclusion that it will be Taylor Swift. But these rumors and assumptions haven’t come out of the blue, as X-Men star Sophie Turner dropped a pretty big hint last year in an Instagram post.

    Turner, who plays Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise posted a photo of a movie still last year that hinted towards the new character, and T-Swizzle. In this post, Jean Grey and Cyclops peruse the shelves of a record store, as you do, and happen to find a Dazzler album called Sounds of Light and Fury (remember Dazzler’s super powers?). But we know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t mean anything, right? Well, it’s Sophie Turner’s tags that have got our rumor antennas perked up – because slap bang in the middle of the photo, Turner has tagged none other than Taylor Swift (GASP!)

    And it doesn’t stop there. Turner’s caption reads,

    #FlashbackFriday to that time Cyclops and I went shopping at the mall and found our favorite singer’s album (pre-1989, of course)

    As if the tag wasn’t enough, Turner also makes reference to Taylor Swift’s most popular album, 1989 which was released in 2014. I mean, could you make it any more obvious?

    If the rumors are true, this won’t be the first time the pop star makes her mark on a movie. In 2010, Taylor appeared in the romantic comedy movies, Valentine’s Day and The Giver. But this will be her first major role, and we reckon she’ll fit perfectly…

    Of course, nothing has been confirmed, and Marvel may throw in a curveball. But they haven’t denied the rumors just yet.

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