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Sylvester Stallone Has Announced He Will Be Directing Creed 2 Movie

Rocky is back!


    When you think of Sylvester Stallone, you think of Rocky. Sure, he’s done a few other movies and has taken over the world in the process, but the actor is the ultimate Hollywood action man and will always be known as our Rocky Balboa (we love you, Rocky).

    Sylvester Stallone announced as Creed 2 director

    Over the past few years, the Rocky franchise has taken a little turn – and 2015 gave us the first new and improved installment in the film series, in the form of Creed. Creed followed the life and career of Adonis Johnson (played by Michael B. Jordan) as he attempts to break into the world of boxing, to follow in the footsteps of his father. However, you can’t break into the world of boxing without the King of boxing itself, Rocky Balboa. So, Sylvester Stallone stepped in to help Michael B. Jordan, and the film was an absolute smash hit (you could say it was a knockout…)

    Now, it’s been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone will not only be returning for Creed 2, but he will also be producing and directing the movie. Cor, as if we couldn’t love him any more. Stallone confirmed the news on his Instagram account:

    This makes us so happy.

    The original Creed movie was written and directed by the award-winning director, Ryan Coogler. However, Coogler has got his hands full with the new Black Panther movie (which we’re also super excited for) so has stepped down from the job. Luckily, Stallone has stepped in to take his place.

    Sylvester has some pretty big shoes to fill, though. Creed was incredibly successful in the box-office and racked up an impressive $173 million across the globe – so no pressure! Nevertheless, we couldn’t think of anyone better to take on the job, as long as this means Stallone will still appear in Creed 2. After winning an Academy Award and Golden Globe for his role in the movie, it would be a shame for him to waste all of his talents behind the camera…

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