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Starship Troopers is 20 Years Old This Year, Trailer Released for Animated Follow-Up

You have only one day to watch it on the big screen…


    Is there anything you love more than Starship Troopers? Have you been sad for the past 20 years without it in your life? Well, this one is for you…

    Yep, we hate to admit it, but we’re old. Can you believe Starship Troopers is 20 years old?! (Is that a gray hair?) However, watching it back, it’s hard to imagine this film being so old (sorry), because everything from the graphics to the storyline, to the characters, just seems so current. Paul Verhoeven’s just got everything so right with this adaptation of the Robert Heinlein classic. It seems this hasn’t gone unnoticed because now we’re getting an animated follow-up movie.

    Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars trailer

    You have permission to air punch.

    The new animated movie has even got a name. Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars will see Dina Meyer and Casper Van Dien reprising their roles in voice format from their original characters in the movie. But they’re not the only Starship Troopers alum to be returning to the franchise. The screenwriter who penned the movie, Ed Neumeier, is back in business and has already got started on the screenplay for the animated movie which will see Johnny Rico losing his position and being demoted to a new post on Mars. But of course, it doesn’t take long for him to come back in full Johnny Rico style. No sooner had he been sent off to another planet, than a surprise bug attack threatens the human race. And Johnny Rico is the only one who can save the world.

    Yep, we’re happy with that. If that hasn’t made you excited enough, check out the epic new trailer:

    Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars will have a one-day big-screen showing in the US in August, and is set to be released on demand and on DVD pretty soon after.

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