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Starship Troopers Cast: 20 Years On

What are they up to now?

    How cool was Starship Troopers? It’s been 20 years since this work of genius hit our screens in 1997 (we feel so old right now). This movie had everything you could possibly want in one 2-hour sitting – gore, violence, guns, Denise Richards (wink), and giant alien bugs. We really miss this movie. But before you dust off your video player and video cassette and watch Starship Troopers tonight, take a look at what the stars of Starship Troopers look like now.

    Dina Meyer as Dizzy Flores

    Dina Meyer played the feisty character, Dizzy Flores (we loved her name). Flores was the girl we all associated with – she just really loved the guy. And not just any guy… Johnny Rico. Wit-woo. Dizzy decided to join the mobile infantry after high school and then managed to transfer to Johnny Rico’s training unit, and she kicked butt.

    Dina Meyer – Now

    Nowadays, Meyer is still as feisty as ever, and has taken the acting world by storm since her time on Starship Troopers. She has since starred in Star Trek: Nemesis, and even appeared as the Detective in the Saw saga, until the third movie where… well, we won’t say what happened. It was pretty gruesome.

    Casper Van Dien as Johnny Rico

    “M.I does the dying. Fleet just does the flying.” Johnny Rico was the Starship Trooper heartthrob, and we sure loved watching him on our screens. Rico was one of the main characters within the United Citizen Federation, was known for his freedom fighting ways and all-around brave persona.

    Casper Van Dien – Now

    After his time on Starship Troopers, Casper Van Dien was most known for his 1999 role in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow as Brom von Brunt. But it seems he just couldn’t stay away from his roots, and returned to Starship Troopers for the direct-to-video sequel, reprising his role as Johnny Rico.

    Denise Richards as Lt. Carmen Ibanez

    Let’s be honest, Lt. Carmen Ibanez was everyone’s ‘90s crush. She was beautiful, she was sassy, she was slightly scary, and she was the perfect lieutenant. Her time in the United Citizen Federation Fleet was a long one, and she came a long way from being a crew member into a fully fledged captain.

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