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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Dropped and You Can Book Tickets TONIGHT!

Ahhhh excited, we are


    Okay, so we’re getting pretty darn frustrated with how little information we’re getting on Star Wars: The Last Jedi – and LucasFilm seem to get a kick out of making us even more frustrated. We had the leaked trailer description two weeks ago (and we still don’t know if it’s legit), and we have the prospect of a brand new trailer tonight. However, it seems they’re not content with just leaving it there and letting us calmly prepare ourselves for the excitement of this evening. Oh, no. Now, LucasFilm have released a teaser for the trailer. Because apparently that’s what happens now. I mean, it’s cool. It really is. But it’s really not helping the suspense.

    Yep, the little teaser was posted on the Star Wars Twitter page yesterday, and is a 11-second glimpse into the new movie. Check it out:

    This little teaser gives us a little insight into Rey’s training regime – and even features a dark silhouette watching her from the cliff edge. Of course, those with a keen Star Wars eye will have noticed the brooding figure of Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker).

    Another teaser graced us with it’s presence on Good Morning America, and features another epic moment, where Luke grabs his lightsaber out of Rey’s hands. We told you, this really isn’t doing anything for our excitement.

    The full-length trailer will drop tonight during the halftime commercials of Monday Night NFL Football in America – so make sure you tune in! However, what’s even more exciting is that you can pre-book your tickets for The Last Jedi straight after the trailer airs for the first time. If you buy through Fandango, you can buy your theater tickets early for the December 15 release date, and get a free Star Wars poster thrown into the mix. We’ll be the first in the queue, so get behind us!

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