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Things You Probably Never Knew About the Sound of Music Movie

Ah, the Sound of Music… one of our favorite things. But did they really climb every mountain?

    In today’s day and age, there’s a new movie being released every single day – and it’s pretty darn hard to keep up with all of them. With all of these new titles and characters, it’s often difficult to remember some of the most iconic movies from the past. Of course, we all know the likes of the Titanic, Terminator, Good Will Hunting and The Wizard of Oz, but there is one movie that trumps them all. Yep, we’re talking about The Sound of Music (duh!)

    The Sound of Music follows the life of a Maria, a young nun who leaves an Austrian convent to work as a governess for the harsh and reluctant Naval Officer, Captain Von Trapp and his children. However, Maria soon finds herself thrown into the deep end. The children have scared off numerous governesses in the past, and are on course to send Maria in the same direction. With a passion and a drive behind her, Maria tames the children through some of her favorite things and wins the heart of the Captain in the process. But while Maria works her magic, Austria is falling into disarray and Nazi defectors are being rounded up in the thousands – and Captain Von Trapp and his family are first on the hit list. Will they manage to climb every mountain and escape in time?

    Through this all-singing and all-dancing movie, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer make us wonder at the raindrops on roses, the whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens. However, this iconic movie has somewhat of a dark past. With historical inaccuracies, awkward character flings, near-fatal accidents, actor bust-ups, filming problems and more, these behind the scenes Sound of Music secrets may shock you. So, don’t be a lonely goatherd, and check these out.

    Julie Andrews nearly turned down the role

    Noooooo! The Sound of Music without Julie Andrews?! Alas, it’s true. Julie Andrews nearly turned down the role of Maria von Trapp because she believed the role to be too similar to her character of Mary Poppins. I guess they’re both nannies, but Maria is a nun whereas Mary is a flying umbrella wielding, bottomless bag carrying, spell-casting type nanny. So very different.

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