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Don’t Freak Out But The Solo Story Teaser Trailer Is Finally Here And It Is AWESOME!

Okay, maybe you can freak out just a little…


    Unless you’ve been living underground for the past 12873 years (soz, that must suck) you’ll know that the Star Wars franchise is *kind of* a big deal. And when we say ‘big deal’ we basically mean that our lives would be totally insignificant and unlivable without it. We’d also be crying a lot…and nobody wants that. Alongside our intense obsession with all of the original Star Wars episodes, we’ve also been sitting on tenterhooks, waiting for any new information about the upcoming Star Wars spinoff – Solo: A Star Wars Story. We’ve already seen the ‘desperate and dangerous’ movie photos, we’ve even read the (epic) synopsis for the movie, and we’ve even been stalking Ron Howard’s social media for the past six months trying to dissect his cryptic Tweets. We’re not psychos. We swear.

    Thankfully, our Solo prayers were answered last night, as those who were watching the Super Bowl (which was everyone, right?) were graced with the first teaser trailer for the movie. Although it’s pretty brief, it’s made us SO HAPPY.

    I mean, does it get much better than this? (We’re gonna say ‘nope’)

    Yep, this epic teaser trailer starts off with an Imperial recruiting officer, asking a man which branch he would like to join. Although you can’t see his face, obviously (spoiler alert) it’s Han Solo – because who else is the best pilot in the galaxy?! As the teaser progresses, we also get little glimpses of the new characters in the movie. We see Emilia Clarke and her brand new bangs, we see Woody Harrelson in all of his glory, we see the Star Wars legend that is Donald Glover, and we even get a short – yet slightly shadowy – first look at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo. This is how we feel right now.

    Check out the teaser trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Can’t deal with the epicness of this teaser trailer? Well, you might need a little nap before the official trailer is released TODAY. Man, we can’t wait.

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