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Seth Rogen Joins The Cast of The Lion King Remake

When Seth was a young Warthoggggg….


    So we’ve known for a while now that Jon Favreau is working on a new Lion King remake. So naturally, we’ve been pretty excited ever since we first heard the news. But we have been a bit dubious, too. Can Jon Favreau really pull something out of the bag that levels up to the original movie? We all know remakes sometimes flop, but he seemed to do an amazing job on the Jungle Book remake, and with his newly released cast list – well, we just can’t wait to be King of the cinema when we go and watch it.

    Disney has now confirmed some of the most iconic characters in the movie, and we think they’ve got it spot on. Timon will be played by Billy Eichner, but what we’re most excited about is the fact that Seth Rogen will be joining the cast to play the hilarious (yet stinky) warthog, Pumbaa. And no offense, Seth, but we think that’s the perfect role for you…

    In other cast-related excitedness, the new Lion King remake will also feature a returning character. The legend that is James Earl Jones will be starring as the wise and wonderful King, Mufasa. The Martian star, Donald Glover alias Childish Gambino will voice the adult Simba. Could this get any better? As if that wasn’t enough to make you squeal with delight, we’ve now got a release date! Disney and Favreau have now officially confirmed that the movie will be in our cinemas on July 19th, 2019. These two years are going to go so slow…

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