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Saw 8: Jigsaw – Everything You Need to Know About the Final (?!) Saw Movie

Do you want to play a game?


    There’s nothing we love more than playing games. However, it’s fair to say that we would NEVER want to play a game if John Kramer was involved… it would be a hard pass for us. Nevertheless, the news that there would be an eighth installment in the awesome Saw franchise made us pretty darn happy (and a little scared at the same time) – even if we are quietly sobbing at the fact that Saw 8: Jigsaw will be the last ever Saw movie. So, before you go and cry yourself to sleep, cheer yourself up with everything you need to know about the final (?!) Saw movie…

    What’s Saw 8: Jigsaw about?

    Of course, one of the main features we all know and love within the Saw franchise is the death and destruction that it entails (we’re happy inside, we promise). It’s fair to say that Saw 8: Jigsaw has this aplenty. In fact, it’s probably the most gruesome yet! In this movie, investigators have their work cut out for them as they try and catch the devastating killer who is leaving disfigured bodies in and around the city. However, something seems pretty familiar about the case – and all leads make their way to a man who is supposedly dead, and has been for the past decade: Jigsaw. (Oh man, the suspense!)

    Here's everything you need to know about the last instalment in the Saw franchise, Saw 8: Jigsaw

    Who is in it?

    Although Saw 8: Jigsaw does not feature an all-star cast with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, would you really want to watch Nicole Kidman suffer at the hands of Jigsaw? Nah, us neither. Nevertheless, John Kramer/Jigsaw will be played by Tobin Bell, and he will be joined by some pretty competent actors and actresses. Joining him on set will be Laura Vandervoort (as Anna), Matt Passmore (as Logan), Brittany Allen (as Carly), Callum Keith Rennie (as Halloran), Cle Bennett (as Det. Keith), Paul Braunstein (as Ryan) and more.

    Why all the hype?

    There’s a simple answer to this question: when ISN’T there a hype around a Saw movie? Every time a new movie comes out, we get even more engrossed in the epic storylines and the horror aspect. We then spend the next few years simply waiting for the next one (you know it’s true). However, it’s fair to say that Saw 8: Jigsaw will be even more eagerly anticipated, as it will officially be the last installment in the Saw franchise – after the first film was released in 2004. The new movie will also appeal to mega-Saw fans (which is everyone, right?) as it will see the return of one of Saw’s most famous characters. We can’t wait.

    When is it out?

    Luckily, you get to experience Halloween a little earlier this year, as Saw 8: Jigsaw will be released in theaters on October 27, 2017 (or a day earlier if you’re in the UK). Although it’s only a few weeks away, you’re probably getting a little impatient, so here’s the trailer for Saw 8: Jigsaw…

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