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Resident Evil Film Franchise Set For an Entire Reboot

Yep, we know we’ve just made your day. You’re welcome.


    As if you need any more reason to love Resident Evil, there is now going to be a six-movie reboot. Yep, six!

    The news came yesterday, just as the seemingly final live-action Resident Evil movie was set to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was released earlier this year and grossed over $300 million in the box office. And of course, fans really did believe it was the Final Chapter, considering Milla Jovovich bid farewell to her lead role, and director Paul W S Anderson stood down as director. But apparently Resident Evil doesn’t like goodbyes.

    resident evil reboot

    Constantin Film, who produced the first six movies, has now confirmed that they are in talks to reboot the whole franchise and that it is already in the early stages of development. And they’ve since revealed that James Wan will be taking over from Anderson – and this is the best news (ever!). Wan is currently directing the new Aquaman movie and has also worked on the likes of Insidious, The Conjuring and Saw, so we can expect the new movies to be dark and disturbing – exactly how we like our Resident Evil.

    It’s also been confirmed that Greg Russo is already putting pen to paper for the new screenplay – and an all new cast will be taking the Resident roles. We can’t wait to see the new (and potentially improved) version of our favorite video game franchise.

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