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Real Beauty and the Beast Roses Exist and WE NEED ONE!

AND they can last for up to three years…


    Forget Titanic, forget Romeo and Juliet; Beauty and the Beast is quite possibly one of the best love stories ever known to man…or beast. Whether it’s the songs, the library or the talking ornaments that do it for you, Beauty and the Beast is a romantic force to be reckoned with.

    Perhaps one of the most iconic Beauty and the Beast props is the rose – you know, the one the witch gives to the Prince when he gets turned into the Beast, and tells him that only true love can break the spell, but he has until the last petal falls otherwise he’ll be stuck as a beast forever rose? (Yeah, we’re Beauty and the Beast fans). The beautiful red rose magically floats underneath a glass dome and exudes….well, magic.

    For those of you who have ever wanted to live your life like a fairytale (which is everyone, right?), now you can! Receiving flowers is a lovely sentiment, and they’ll last a few days or a week looking and smelling beautiful before they begin to wilt and die. And it sucks. But now, thanks to a new company….you can now have your very own eternal Beauty and the Beast flowers.

    Forever Roses, a Pennsylvania-based company, has hit the nail on the head with this one. The flower company creates beautiful Beauty and the Beast-style roses that come encased in their own glass dome and an impressive expiry date! Forever Roses say that their roses can last up to three years without sunlight or water, but if they’re left under the dome..they can last forever! Oh my….where’s my credit card?

    Their most expensive rose can cost anything up to $4,000, but if you want the most authentic Beauty and the Beast rose, it won’t cost you so much. The single stem Bella Rose (above) is available in 29 colors and starts from $200 – dome included. Alternative and similar roses can be found on Etsy, but we can’t guarantee their lifespan.

    So if you want to live the fairytale lifestyle and own your own magical Beauty and the Beast rose, be our guest…

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