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Power Rangers 2 Looking Unlikely Thanks to Poor Box Office Figures

It wasn’t popular, but America wasn’t the problem…


    Who really, really loved the Power Rangers movie? Well, some of us did – and some of us didn’t. And unfortunately, a ‘meh’ doesn’t really cut it in Hollywood, which means a Power Rangers 2 is unlikely to be on the cards…

    In the States, the movie did pretty well, earning a hefty $85 million in the box office. But just because something does well in America doesn’t mean it rises to success across the pond – and unfortunately, the movie flopped in China.

    power rangers 2

    Normally, it’s the other way round. In previous years, movies like Warcraft have struggled to get off the ground in America… but was such a huge hit in China that producers just couldn’t deny their Chinese fans Warcraft 2. After Power Rangers had pulled just $50 million from overseas in box office revenue, the makers of Power Rangers were counting on China to bump up their numbers, but it just didn’t happen. And without the need for more, a sequel might be off the cards.

    On it’s first day, Power Rangers brought in $1.2 million in China – which sounds like a lot (and we wish we had that much), but in comparison to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which brought in $68 million in its first week, the Rangers just didn’t do themselves any justice.

    Nevertheless, there is still hope. The new movie still hasn’t been released in Japan and is set to debut on their screens on July 15th, so there’s still time. In the past, many US movies have shot to fame in Japan, so let’s hope the same thing happens this time – because we really, really want a Power Rangers 2!

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