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The Reviews Are In For Pitch Perfect 3…You Won’t Aca-Believe What The Critics Have To Say

Uh-oh, this is Dixie Chicks serious…


    A few weeks ago, we let you know how aca-excited we were to watch the new Pitch Perfect 3 movie, and gave you everything you needed to know about the upcoming release. Well, the movie has now been released in the UK and numerous other countries (sorry, America, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow) which means that critics have got their tuned up their pitch pipes, ignored the fact that they have nodes (nodes, they have nodes), warmed up with a little bit of horizontal running, and got Dixie Chicks serious with their reviews. Unfortunately, they’re not great, and we can’t aca-believe it…

    See What The Critics Have To Say About Pitch Perfect 3

    The (supposed) last installment in the Pitch Perfect franchise sees the graduated Barden Bellas reunite for one final battle, as they try to avoid adulthood for a little while. Although their college days are now behind them, they soon find themselves traveling as part of the USO tour, pitch slapping the compeition so hard their moobs concave, and absolutely crushing it. Unfortunately, the journey isn’t easy. With new competitors standing in the way of the USO title, the Bellas need to pull out all of the stops to prove they still have what it takes. This new movie sees Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson and the rest of the aca-pitches reunite, but there are also a few new faces added to the mix – including Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose, and DJ Khaled. Yep, ANOTHER ONE.

    Although we’ve been pretty darn excited to see what Pitch Perfect 3 was all about, the critics haven’t been impressed. With a dismal score of 33% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie has not gone down well. For the most part, the majority of critics believe the movie was unnecessary, and a failed attempt to make a sequel happen when it really didn’t need to happen (woah, Mean Girls flashback). Don’t believe us? Well, check out some of the reviews yourself:
    Here's What The Critics Have To Say About Pitch Perfect 3

    The show’s over. We’re pitched out. Aca-exit stage left. – Brian Truitt, USA Today

    It’s just the same movie over and over, until the end of time and everybody dies, in which case “Pitch Perfect 45: A-Ca-Wait-Are-We-Dead?” might be a thing. – Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times

    A coarse, ugly, pointlessly action-packed reminder that every modestly sharp and amusing property must eventually be converted, by the commercial logic of Hollywood, into a soul-killing cash grab. – Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

    An off-key dismantling of what made the concept work in the first place. – Susan Wloszczyna, Washington Post

    However, amongst the aca-palling reviews are a few saving graces that protect our precious Bellas from the humiliation that we can only liken to Fat Amy/Patricia showing her what-sit to former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Yikes, what a memory. Although we do have to admit even the positive reviews are a bit like polishing a doo-doo…

    Teenage boys get their shape-shifting robots, angry cars, and space wars, so if the Bellas want to sing “Oops, I Did It Again” on a rocket, let them have it. – Jose Solis Mayen, The Film Stage

    As it jumps from one song to the next, the flimsy plot and occasionally amusing one-liners move to a generic beat but there’s enough energy in the musical numbers to deliver cheesy and diverting fun. – Katherine McLaughlin, The List

    Okay, so the reviews are pretty bad, but it’s not enough to stop us from seeing Bellas in action one last time!

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