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Pitch Perfect 3: Everything You Need to Know

Get ready, Aca-Pitches…


    If you love reading RetroEnt (duh, of course you do), you’ll know that we’re total nerds. Yep, we love superheros, we love video games and we love *all* of the movies (and we mean ALL of them). Alongside our love for Die Hard, Star Wars and Harry Potter, we’re also totally obsessed with Pitch Perfect. Honestly, we would sell our spleen to be part of the Barden Bellas and sing ‘Turn It Around’ at least once in our lives. Yep, if we could sing a lick, in any human possible way… we would. But we can’t, and we hate ourselves everyday because of it (geddit?) Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean we can’t be super duper excited about the upcoming Pitch Perfect 3. Get ready, Aca-Pitches…

    What’s it about?

    Let’s be honest, we don’t really care what Pitch Perfect 3 is about, because we’re totes going to see it anyway – but just because we’re feeling nice, we’ll let you in on the goss. After absolutely smashing the competition at the Acapella World Championships in Copenhagen (they finally realized where it was), the Barden Bellas find themselves hating adulthood, and we don’t blame them. As they struggle with job prospects and being away from their fellow awesome nerds, the Bellas decide to reunite one last time (*sobs*) to take part in the USO tour and pitch slap the competition so hard, their moobs are gonna concave. At least, that’s the plan.

    Everything You Need to Know About Pitch Perfect 3

    Who is in it?

    Pitch Perfect 3 will see all our favorite Bellas reunite. Yep, we’re talking Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Camp, and the rest of the Barden Bellas. They will also be joined by the hilarious Elizabeth Banks and John Lithgow, who will hopefully make us cry with their ridiculous (and slightly inappropriate) jokes. However, the Bellas will also be joined by some newbies this year. As they take on *real* musicians, they will also joined by the likes of Ruby Rose and DJ Khaled.

    Why all the hype?

    The short answer? It’s Pitch Perfect. Of course there’s going to be hype around those pitches. In all seriousness, Pitch Perfect 3 has been on everyone’s lips since it was announced. With the tagline, ‘Last Call Pitches,’ there’s a high chance that this will be the last Pitch Perfect movie in the franchise – and we’re not sure whether we can cope with this. Also, with the return of the all-star cast, who WOULDN’T want to watch it?!

    When is it out?

    Thank aca-goodness we don’t have to wait too long to get our Bellas fix, ey? Pitch Perfect 3 will be released in theaters on December 22, so get your horizontal running on the go and get Dixie Chick serious, because this is going to be mega. If you need something to tide you over, check out the trailer…

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