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Paul McCartney Shows Us a Sneak Peek of His Pirates of the Caribbean Character

Ahoy, me hearties!


    We all love Pirates of the Caribbean, right? Well, have you ever wondered what would make the movies even better? (Nope, we didn’t think it could happen either). How about adding a Beatle to the mix?

    Yep, Paul McCartney has joined the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean for the new movie; Dead Men Tell No Tales that is due to be released on May 26 and has teased fans with a picture of his new pirate get-up. And a yo-ho-ho, he looks pretty ship-shape.

    The new musical addition to the movie was announced by Disney in March, but this is the first photo we’ve seen of his new character – and we have to say, he’s rocking the pirate look. It seems a pirate’s life really is for him. At the moment, there isn’t any information on McCartney’s role in the movie, but on IMDB, the Beatle is listed as the ‘Jail Guard 2.’

    In the picture McCartney posted to Twitter on Saturday night, we can definitely see his grizzly pirate character keeping the skeeves and scavengers locked up in. But it’s definitely a new look for Paul. Gone is his immaculate suit and famous haircut, replaced with unkempt hair, a dreadlocked beard, unwashed face, guyliner and raggedy clothes. Just a bit of a change…

    It’s been reported that Paul McCartney shot his scenes after the main batch of production was finished so that they could incorporate his character and ‘an extra big set-piece.’ So with that in mind, we reckon we can expect something big from the new movie. And you know when Pirates of the Caribbean pull out the big guns (or canons) it’s going to be something pretty spectacular.

    This new role is McCartney’s first non-biographical film role, and we’re pretty excited to see his acting skills in action. Although this isn’t the first film project he’s worked on, and he was even awarded an Academy Award for his part in the Beatles movie, Let It Be.

    We can’t wait to see McCartney on the big screen – dreadlocks and all. Yar, me hearty!

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