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The Most Outrageous Guest Stars on Bewitched

From Batman to Baseball, they’ve had some great guest stars!

    The two-time Emmy award-winning show Bewitched is a TV series that everyone knows about whether they have watched it or not. It is the program that took the idea of nose-twitching away from the need to sneeze, and into the realm of magic – and anything that can do that is automatically awesome. Lots of big stars wanted to be a part of it. Here’s the low-down of the most outrageous guest stars on Bewitched.

    June Lockhart

    bewitched guest stars june lockhart

    June Lockhart is most famous for playing the mother in the TV series Lassie and Lost In Space. She appeared in the episode “Little Pitchers Have Big Fears” where she plays Mrs. Burns, a hard but not dislikable mother.

    Adam West

    bewitched guest stars adam west

    ‘Batman’ was in Bewitched! Adam West starred in Bewitched before he donned his cape, but it is still exciting. Adam plays Kermit in the “Love Is Blind” episode. He falls in love with Gertrude and proposes to her. Lucky girl.

    Raquel Welch

    bewitched guest stars raquel welch

    Raquel Welch appeared in the 1964 episode “Witch or Wife” where she played a stewardess. With over 60 cinematic appearances under her belt, Raquel is most famous for her portrayal in One Million Years B.C where she frolicked on the beach in a fur bikini. As you do on a regular Monday really…

    Peggy Lipton

    bewitched guest stars peggy lipton

    Peggy Lipton stars in the first season of Bewitched, in the episode “Your Witch Is Showing,’ where she plays a secretary. Peggy became a successful model at eighteen years of age and broke her way into acting, including this cameo.

    Willie Mays

    bewitched guest stars willie mays

    Famous baseball player Willie Mays has appeared over sixty times on television as himself – including Bewitched. Mays appears in the episode “Twitch or Treat” where he attends Endora’s Halloween party. You could say, his appearance was a ‘Home-Run’…

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