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Olivia Newton-John Says Grease Reunion May Be on the Cards Soon and We Cannot Wait!

Tell me more, tell me more…


    It’s been 39 years since we spent our imaginary Summer Nights at Rydell High, hanging out with Danny Zuko on the beach, wearing our Pink Lady jacket, eating Ice Cream at the Frosty Palace, being stranded at the drive-in, competing in the dance competition, doing the hand-jive, and just having a jolly old time in 1950’s America. And we miss it.

    Yes, we had Grease 2. But let’s be honest, it was an absolute flop, so when Olivia Newton-John hinted at a Grease reunion…we just couldn’t hide our excitement.
    The news comes from the British newspaper, The Mirror, who interviewed Newton-John. She told them that a there was a possibility that a reunion could be on the cards next year to mark their 40th anniversary. Well, a possibility is better than a no!

    Our very own Sandy, Australian-born actress, and singer Olivia Newton-John has confirmed to the paper that she has been in talks with John Travolta (our hunky Danny Zuko) and they have been discussing various ideas and concepts for their reunion. She’s said, ‘We are thinking up ways. Nothing to announce yet.’ Boo. We want more details!

    And it seems that if this reunion were to happen, it would be a good send-off for Newton-John, who plans to retire after 50 years as an actress and singer. “As time goes on, I think of doing less and having more time off,” she has said. What better way to spend your final performance than reliving your most iconic character?

    At the moment we have no more details to give you, but in the wake of other movie remakes and cast reunions, the 40th anniversary of the movie would be the perfect opportunity to relive the Grease days and give the fans something to talk about for another 40 years afterward…

    Fingers crossed this happens! We’re counting on you, Danny and Sandy…

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