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New Terminator Film Will Pretend Genisys Never Happened Says Arnie

Genisys, who?


    When it comes to Terminator and Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re a little protective – because we love them so much. However, even we knew that the 2015 Genisys movie was an absolute flop. Thankfully, the new Terminator film will pretend Genisys never happened. Probably for the best.

    A few months ago, we reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ol’ pal James Cameron would be returning to the Terminator franchise to bring us another epic movie – with Linda Hamilton in tow, too! However, we were all a bit confused as to how the franchise could continue after the abysmal efforts of the Genisys movie. Well, Arnie has the answer (as always). During an At the Experience With Arnold Schwarzenegger event in Birmingham, UK, the Terminator was asked about the new movie and the role it will play in the franchise.

    Terminator Genisys was a box-office flop

    In response, he told his fans that the new and improved Terminator movie will be separate from the last movie, and will not simply be ‘Terminator 6.’ Instead, it will be so much more. He also confirmed that Linda Hamilton had already started preparing and training to reprise her role as the ever-awesome, Sarah Connor.

    Although Arnie has revealed this news, we’re still pretty flummoxed as to how this new movie will fit in with the rest of them. The 2015 Genisys movie was supposed to be the first movie in a new Terminator trilogy – however, the critics and the low box-office sales soon put a stop to that. Will this new movie start a new trilogy? Will it be a stand-alone film? Who knows…

    James Cameron will join Arnold Schwarzenegger for new Terminator movie

    However, we do know Deadpool’s Tim Miller will be taking a seat in the director’s chair for this new Terminator movie, and will feature a whole writing team made up of DC veterans, Terminator veterans, and all-around screenwriting geniuses.

    Hmmm, well we’re both intrigued and excited about this new development.

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