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New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Description Leaks… But is it Legit?

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    When it comes to keeping their secrets to themselves, Disney and LucasFilm are pretty tight-lipped. Although this makes it pretty darn frustrating for Star Wars fans (because the lack of information does not feed our obsession) it works out in the long run, as they keep the juicy bits for us to watch when their films are finally released. It’s been the same for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. There hasn’t been a lot of information about the movie – until now.

    The Last Jedi is set for release in December

    Last week, The Last Jedi director, Mark Hamill, tweeted that Disney and LucasFilm had chosen October 9th to show their full-length trailer to the world… or so they thought. In a new twist, a leaked description of the official trailer has reached the interweb (it’s a blessing and a curse) and is throwing all of our trust into the air. The description was picked up by 4chan, who have now deleted it from their site – but not before Mike Zeroh got hold of it.

    Yep, Mike Zeroh has a bit of a reputation when it comes to Star Wars leaks and information – so do we believe the news? Check out his video, which, of course, contains spoilers.

    If we’re to take this leaked trailer description as gospel, we’ve got a pretty epic movie on our hands. According to the description, the trailer kicks off with shots of Ahch-To – which is where Luke is residing. Then, the trailer follows Rose and Finn and their Canto Bight mission. Thrown into the mix are a few pictures of Rey in training mode, and a few images of Kylo Ren looking pretty darn angry. Of course, there is more, but we’re not even sure if it’s legit.

    Although we can’t be sure whether this news is true or not, we do know two things are certain. One; Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due for release on December 15. Two; we’re really excited.

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