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New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Images – Including First Look at New Characters

These have made us so excited for the next film


    We’re not sure what kind of deal Vanity Fair have struck with the Dark Side – but they have been given an inside scoop on the new Star Wars movie, and we’re pretty darn jealous.

    In a recent Vanity Fair cover shoot, the Last Jedi stars have taken to the pages in all of their Star Wars glory, and the photos are genuinely incredible. Check them out:

    star wars the last jedi images

    The Last Jedi has been long awaited, and a painful wait for many Star Wars fans, considering The Force Awakens ended on the BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER EVER – but we’re hoping the new movie will answer some (hundreds) of our questions.

    For a while, we’ve known that Laura Dern and Benicio del Toro will be appearing in The Last Jedi, but known where they came in, or who they would even be playing. But in the new cover shoot and interview, director Rian Johnson has let some information slip.

    In the interview, he has described Del Toro’s character as a ‘shady character’ who is often referred to on the set of Star Wars as ‘DJ.’

    You’ll see – there’s a reason why we call him DJ.


    He also revealed that Laura Dern will be playing Vice Admiral Holdo, a leading officer in the Resistance. But that’s about all we know. But we do know what they will look like. And they look bloomin’ awesome.

    The new movie will be released (finally) on December 15 this year, and will apparently reveal a ‘shocking truth.’

    We can’t wait.

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