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New Goodbye Christopher Robin Trailer is Even More Emosh Than the Last One

So many feels


    A few months ago, we pretty much made ourselves dehydrated by sobbing our hearts out to the first official trailer for the upcoming movie, Goodbye Christopher Robin. Well, it’s a good thing we’ve stocked up on our H2O today because the second one is even more emosh. And we’re crying. A lot.

    You might wanna prepare yourself for this. Here’s the trailer:

    Margot Robbie, who stars in the movie as Daphne de Selincourt Milne, shared the trailer to her Instagram account yesterday. The film follows the life of legendary British author, A.A. Milne (played by Domhnall Gleeson) as he struggles to find inspiration for a new book. Then, with the help of his son and his stuffed animals, Milne imagines the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh, and his friends. But it’s not without its problems.

    Unlike the first trailer, which showed us all of the cute, quaint and pleasant Britishisms mingled with a literary nostalgia that we’d expect from the life of a literary legend, the second trailer takes a much darker turn. This trailer delves deeper into the psyche of the writer, as he struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after fighting in World War I. The trailer begins to pose a few questions; will he be able to write such a childish, whimsical novel after all the horrors he has witnessed? Will his experiences jeopardize his relationship with his son, Christopher Robin? Although we already know the answer, we can’t wait to see the full movie.

    Along with the second official trailer, Fox Searchlight has released an official synopsis.

    Goodbye Christopher Robin gives a rare glimpse into the relationship between beloved children’s author A.A Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his son Christopher Robin (Will Tilston), whose toys inspired the magical world of Winnie the Pooh. Along with his mother Daphne (Margot Robbie), and his nanny Olive (Kelly Macdonald), Christopher Robin and his family are swept up in the international success of the books; the enchanting tales bringing hope and comfort to England after the First World War. But with the eyes of the world on Christopher Robin, what will the cost be to the family?

    Check out Goodbye Christopher Robin on October 13!

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