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Netflix Reveal Dubious Death Note Live Action Movie Trailer

It’s already received some serious flak…


    Netflix have just released their trailer for Death Note, the live-action movie based on the Japanese manga series that has hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. To say we’re excited would be an understatement, but it seems there’s one big problem…

    For those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Death Note (have you been hiding under a rock?!), it follows the story of Light Turner. Turner is a high school student who just so happens to stumble across a journal dropped from the sky by the God of Death, Shinigami Ryuk. And what’s this journal called, we hear you cry. Well, Death Note, of course. It allows Turner to kill basically anyone he wants, as long as he knows their name and face. Oh, and he can kill them in any way he wants. Cheery, right?

    The trailer for the new live action Death Note movie is here but some people are annoyed by the obvious whitewashing of the cast

    Fans of the manga series are already dubious about it being turned into this big-screen adaptation, mainly because of the cringe-worthy and blatant whitewashing; a problem common in Hollywood today. Many of the white actors in the movie are taking the place of characters that are a different race, causing a serious stir with viewers (and rightly so). Producer Roy Lee has attempted to shut down critics in an interview with Buzzfeed, by saying that the movie has been adapted for a different culture, so there are likely to be changes. Oh…Right…Well, that’s okay then.

    Death Note, the Netflix movie, is directed by Adam Wingard and stars Natt Wolff, Keith Stanfield, and Margaret Qualley, along with Willem Dafoe who will be voicing Shinigami Ryuk. Netflix will be releasing the film on 25 August – catch the trailer below:

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