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So, Will the Mulan Remake Be a Musical or Not? Here’s the Latest

Well will it or won’t it?!


    A couple of weeks ago, we got word that the live-action Mulan remake was ACTUALLY HAPPENING. And this news made the lives of Disney fans across the world even better…until the director had to ruin it.

    Last week, Mulan’s director, Niki Caro revealed that the remake would not be a musical. Yes, we repeat, will not be a musical. She explained that the movie would be an epic made entirely of girly and muscular martial arts, much to the dismay of her children who were all hoping the movie would include all of the original songs. Listen to your children, Caro.
    And rightly so, the Disney fans were having none of it. Most of them took to Twitter to express their dismay and horrified reactions to the fact that ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ and ‘Reflection’ would not be in their favorite movie remake. And as always, these reactions were also hilarious.

    Mulan Remake

    One fan on Twitter wrote – ‘Mulan didn’t save China to have her live action film be described as a ‘girly martial arts extravaganza,’’ while another shouted (as all of it was in capitals), ‘If Beauty and the Beast got songs then I should be able to sing with my boy Li Shang the best Disney bop ‘I’ll Make A Man Out of You’ #Mulan.’ Our sentiments exactly.

    And it seems like the director, Niki Caro couldn’t get past this backlash, and their angered reactions eventually reached her own Twitter feed. (Those Disney fans are ruthless). So to keep the peace, Caro clarified that the movie was far from being ready, and was still in the early stages of development and therefore subject to change – so never fear, Disney fans, there could still be a chance it could be a musical. (yay!)

    She’s even gone on to say that the production team has not got round to talking about songs yet, so anything could happen before the final decision is made. Apparently, Disney has yet to comment on the Mulan remake, but insiders have said that the vibe in the studio is that they want to continue with the remake as a musical. We knew we could count on you, Disney.

    The remake is set to be released in November 2018, so much is said to change before they begin filming, but Niki Caro is said to be excited about the project, and despite being trolled on Twitter, loves the fact that Disney fans are so passionate. Let’s just hope she listens!

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