Movies With The Biggest Twists Of All Time

Did you see these coming?!


    Have you ever found yourself watching a movie only to walk away disappointed after guessing how it will end? It can be great to be right, but sometimes we’re looking for the shock factor – are we right? We’re not talking about any old kind of film either. No, we are looking for movies with the biggest twists of all time. Who would have thought we could still be surprised?

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time

    If you’re hoping to feel shocked then look no further; these movies with the biggest twists of all time are bound to keep you full of suspense.

    Gone Girl (2014)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: Gone Girl
    Amy is declared missing, and it looks as though her husband, Nick, could be responsible for the ending of her life. After all, a kitchen floor covered in blood doesn’t always look good to the police. However, halfway through the film, Gone Girl kicks it up a notch as it’s revealed Amy has been alive this whole time and has been behind the entire plan! Amy eventually returns home, and the pair must pretend to live happily ever after. Wowza.

    Psycho (1960)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: Psycho
    The horror goes down as one of the original slasher movies. Norman Bates and his mother are running a hotel. Most of us have seen the shower scene with the silhouette of the knife, right? Well, that’s all thanks to Psycho. Although we believe it’s Norman’s mother that was behind the crime, it turns out the character has developed a split personality and thinks he is actually his mom, too.

    Saw (2004)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: Saw
    This horror flick not only has some of the most gruesome scenes of any film from the beginning of the century, but it’s also a movie with one of the biggest twists of all time. We get to see two characters try and battle their way out of one of Jigsaw’s terrifying traps, but who is the man on the floor? Little does anyone know, but that is the puppeteer of it all: Jigsaw. If only the two men had known the entire time that they were chained to the wall.

    Scream (1996)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: Scream
    Slashers are great, right? And Scream is certainly one of the best, and comes with some of the biggest twists of any movie. A masked crazy man is terrorizing a high school. However, he is after one person in particular: Sydney. The character watches as her boyfriend’s life is ended in front of her. But little does she know the man behind the Scream mask is actually her boyfriend, Billy, and his best friend, Stu. To top it off, the pair were even the ones to end Sydney’s mother’s life a few years before.

    The Prestige (2006)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: The Prestige
    The Prestige is a film all about two magicians trying to outdo each other with every trick. Little does Robert know, but his rival, Alfred, is actually a twin and the pair work together to pull off their performances. Robert works hard to create the best trick in the world where he not only escapes from a tank of water, but he also appears at the back of the theater. It turns out Robert has learned how to clone himself and ends the lives of his clones every time he performs a trick.

    The Mist (2007)

    Movies with the biggest twists of all time: The Mist
    This movie has one of the biggest plot twists of all time that left many of us picking our jaws up off the floor. We get to watch the characters try and battle their way out of the mist that will just never end, but it seems as though there is no way to escape – especially when their car runs out of gas. David, the leading man of the movie, is forced to end the lives of all his family as a way to save them from the horror. He believes there is no bullet left for himself only for the mist to suddenly live and to discover he has been saved… Many family members lighter.

    We love a good surprise and these movies with the biggest twists of all time have given up plenty over the years. Being left speechless isn’t something that happens often, but we love it when films pull it off.

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