Movies With The Best Soundtracks Of All Time

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    A great movie and an awesome soundtrack go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other, and you can’t have the other without that one. It’s basically science. You know, like the fact that George Clooney just seems to be getting better and better with age. Because of this incredible mixture of movie and music, we have been graced with some of the greatest soundtracks of all time. They have made us weep uncontrollably into our tubs of ice cream, they have made us smile so wide our cheeks hurt, and they have even made us jump out of our skin (not literally, of course). These are the movies with the best soundtracks of all time…

    Saturday Night Fever (1977)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: Saturday Night Fever
    If you’ve ever wanted to know what was happening during the 1970s with music and movies, you need to look no further. Saturday Night Fever not only featured one of the most prominent actors of this period (hey there, Johnny T), but it also featured one of the most iconic bands of this period. Some absolute genius decided to mesh them together in the name of disco, and this movie soundtrack was born. Everything from the wardrobe choices, to the dance moves and the ridiculously high falsetto that you definitely have to try and copy is insane, and you’ll be singing along for weeks. Altogether now… “Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiiiiive.”

    Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: Guardians of the Galaxy
    Okay, there was no way this movie and its soundtrack wasn’t going to make the list. It was a complete impossibility. If you keep up to date with my writing (you totally should), you’ll know that I am the resident superhero geek at RetroEnt. Because of this, I am ALL OVER any superhero movie. It’s just an added bonus that Guardians of the Galaxy also includes my second love: classic retro tunes. The Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 is one of the greatest things in existence and meshes along perfectly to the storyline. With the likes of Bowie, Blue Swede, The Jackson 5, The Runaways, Norman Greenbaum and more, you couldn’t choose a more perfect soundtrack if you tried. Believe me, I have.

    Pulp Fiction (1994)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: Pulp Fiction
    It’s no secret that we love Pulp Fiction here at RetroEnt. It’s arguably one of the greatest movies ever made (feel free to argue for or against this in the comments) and has since become a cult classic that has inspired generation after generation. True story. One of the most incredible aspects of this soundtrack is that it is just SO Tarantino. Even if you didn’t know that ol’ Quentin was behind this movie before you watched it, you would be able to tell in a heartbeat. The songs are sometimes uncomfortably inappropriate, but that’s actually what makes it work so gosh darn well. It’s retro, it’s classic, and it’s everything we love in one. We hope you love it too.

    La La Land (2016)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: La La Land
    You didn’t think we could talk about movies with the best soundtracks of all time and NOT talk about La La Land, did you?! Because that would be silly. This musical rom-com literally has everything you could possibly need to make a cheese sandwich. It’s got Ryan Gosling, it’s got Emma Stone, and it’s got people literally singing and dancing in the street. It’s magical. While the end may have left a giant love-shaped hole in our chest (also known as our hearts), the overall story and the fact that Justin Hurwitz is a musical genius makes up for it. Our toes really were tapping along to this one, and it takes a lot to get us on the dancefloor. (Actually, no it doesn’t).

    A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: A Hard Day's Night
    I mean, if you wanted a whole host of Paul McCartney with a side of John Lennon, you’ve got one heck of a meal if you choose A Hard Day’s Night as your movie of the day. This movie will reel you in with its opening chord, and soon embark on a journey that will take you through The Beatles’ repertoire – and we guarantee you that you will love it. It’s hard not to. As if the actual movie wasn’t enough to have you laughing and weeping at the same time, the fact that this was the first ever album that the band wrote completely on their own will win you over. Honestly? It really is something special, and not just for fans of The Beatles.

    Space Jam (1996)

    Movies with the best soundtracks of all time: Space Jam
    Bear with us on this one, because we firmly believe that the Space Jam soundtrack is not given the credit it deserves – and we wanna change that. Yep, while this movie may have been a feat of cinematography in terms of having Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan on board when you go back and watch this movie (which you should do, like, right now), you’ll realize that the soundtrack will make all of your ‘90s dreams come true. While “I Believe I Can Fly” is arguably the most famous song from this movie (and rightly so), the likes of LL Cool J, Monica, Coolio, Busta Rhymes, All-4-One and the Quad City DJ’s also make their appearance. You’ll know what we mean.

    Although we love movies more than ice cream – which is really saying something – we love movies even more when they come with an epic soundtrack. Luckily, these ones do, and we’ll be singing them for the rest of our lives now, thank you very much…

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