Movies Like Zootopia Because It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart

If you need us, we’ll be making a pillow fort and enjoying all of these awesome movies


    Movies about anthropomorphic animals aren’t anything new, but they never get old. There was a massive buzz around Zootopia when it was released, and rightly so. Everything about the film is on point. The animation is stunning and the voice acting exceptional. Plus, the film isn’t afraid to tackle some serious subject matter through its storyline of prejudice and acceptance. What more could you ask for from an animated movie? Nothing, that’s what! If you’re hyped up on sharing the love, these movies like Zootopia are just what you need.

    Movies Like Zootopia

    Many animated films have something to say beneath all the cute characters and kid-friendly storylines. These movies are similar to Zootopia because they all explore some form of segregation without making it an overpowering element of the plot. You might not have even realized just how big a message these films were designed to send.

    Robin Hood (1973)

    Movies Like Zootopia: Robin Hood
    Before Disney had a talking fox, they had… well, a talking fox. Nick Wilde is essentially the modern day Robin Hood, it just takes him a bit more time to discover his good side. It’s been years since Disney’s animated adaptation of Robin Hood was released, but we still love watching it. It’s another great film about separation in society, only this time it’s about the rich and poor. Of course, good still triumphs over evil, and the fox saves the day once again. You have to wonder how foxes got such a bad reputation in the first place. If you love Zootopia, you will love Robin Hood, even if it is 40 odd years old.

    The Jungle Book (2016)

    Movies Like Zootopia: The Jungle Book
    In 2016, the story of Mowgli was brought back to the big screen. However, this time he looks a little less animated than he did before. While this newer release might be live action, the characters are just as fun and lovable as they were in the 1967 film. Plus, it does a great job of establishing the rift between Mowgli and the Animal Kingdom. It’s a more intense film than Zootopia with some powerful action scenes, but it still has that same charm that makes all Disney films great. If you like the topics that Zootopia touches on, but want something more fast-paced, this is the way to go.

    Madagascar (2005)

    Movies Like Zootopia: Madagascar
    If you’re looking for a movie similar to Zootopia, you’re sure to enjoy Madagascar. After four animals lose their cushy life at the zoo and end up in the wild, they struggle to stay true to themselves. They start to question their identity and wonder who they are, especially after Alex begins to lose his marbles. The film brought up the topic of animals giving in to their primal urges long before Zootopia was even a concept, so you know it’s going to be a good watch. Plus, Madagascar is worth investing in merely for the penguins who tag along for the ride. Every good animation needs some comic relief, and they’re it.

    The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

    Movies Like Zootopia: The Secret Life of Pets
    We’ll take any films that are based on animals. Unlike Zootopia, where animals wholly populate the world, The Secret Life of Pets is set in a landscape more like real life. Well, if you can call an animated film realistic. After almost being taken by animal control, dogs Max and Duke have to find their way back home. However, they end up on the wrong side of a villainous rabbit whose bark is a lot worse than his bite. This movie is similar to Zootopia in that sense – an enemy that’s a lot cuter than you might expect. Just as with Zootopia too, the animals all have their own unique personalities which make for some very entertaining viewing. It’s definitely one to watch when you’re looking for some laughs.

    Kung Fu Panda (2008)

    Movies Like Zootopia: Kung Fu Panda
    When you’re told repeatedly that you’ll never amount to anything, it’s hard not to take it to heart. That’s how Nick Wilde feels when other animals see him as nothing more than a sneaky predator. The same thing happens with Po in Kung Fu Panda. He wants to be a kung fu master more than anything, but no-one has faith in him because he isn’t naturally gifted. Just as Nick proves his doubters wrong, so too does Po. It’s a great film if you need some motivation to believe in yourself.

    You can never really go wrong with a good animated film. Often they’re easy to watch and great for a good laugh, but they usually have an important message to share too. These movies like Zootopia explore division and alienation differently, but they all do it in hugely compelling ways. If you feel you’ve already watched Zootopia one too many times this month, you’ll probably want to put on one of these films instead.

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