Movies Like Warrior For When You’re Out For The Count

These movies are a knockout…


    Warrior was a rare gem that successfully managed to blend drama with a realistic portrayal of what it is like to step into the world of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting. It stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, two brothers who have grown apart as their lives have unfolded. Hardy’s character has been trained to fight by his father, an alcoholic, while Edgerton’s character is a former amateur MMA fighter who has been drawn back into the world of fighting to pay his bills. The two are destined to collide as they both enter a tournament to try and take home the biggest cash prize there has even been in the sport. Do you love this movie as much as we do? Then you’ll love these movies like Warrior for when you’re out for the count.

    Movies Like Warrior

    Movies Like Warrior: Mad Max: Fury Road
    As the sport of MMA is becoming more popular, more films are coming out that represent the struggles the fighters go through. Of course, Warrior is an action movie, and we’ll be looking at films that revolve around violence and action. These movies similar to Warrior will definitely get your blood pumping…

    Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

    Warrior star Tom Hardy steps into Mel Gibson’s shoes as Mad Max in this 2015 action movie reboot. The movie is essentially one big car chase, but it will have you holding your breath the entire time as the action is no-stop. It is full of interesting characters set in a steampunk world. If you loved Tom Hardy’s all-action performance in Warrior, then you’ll love him as the enigmatic Max in George Miller’s re-entry into the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max.

    The Accountant (2016)

    Movies Like Warrior: The Accountant
    If you love Warrior, you’ll love The Accountant. Warrior didn’t just focus on action, there was a lot of drama bubbling away under the surface which meant that tensions were high between the two brothers and their father. The director of Warrior was Gavin O’Connor, and he turned his hand to another action drama in the form of 2016’s The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. Affleck plays an accountant, a man who is good with numbers and who helps balance the books of many dangerous criminal organizations. There is plenty of violence throughout, but the film doesn’t shy away from the troubled father-son relationship just like in Warrior.

    Here Comes the Boom (2012)

    Movies Like Warrior: Here Comes The Boom
    Who says fighting has to be serious? While Warrior was an honest portrayal of the struggle many fighters go through, Here Comes the Boom offers some light relief. The story follows Kevin James playing a biology teacher who wants to raise funds for his school, so he enters an MMA tournament. It is the classic underdog story, but fans of MMA will be pleased to see some seasoned veterans of the sport feature, fighters such as Bas Rutten and Jason Miller. The movie really shows that no one is willing to fight for their students more than this passionate teacher.

    Blood and Bone (2009)

    Movies Like Warrior: Blood and Bone
    Looking for a film like Warrior? Look no further! While Warrior largely focuses on fighting in organized events, Blood and Bone brings the fight to the streets. An ex-con tries to fight the good fight after making a promise to a dead friend. He takes on all-comers in his quest to be declared the champ of underground fighting. The movie features several professional fighters including once YouTube backyard brawling star Kimbo Slice, as well as Gina Carano and Bob Sapp. If you enjoy the brutal violence of Warrior, then you’ll love this one.

    The Hammer (2010)

    Movies Like Warrior: The Hammer
    If you liked Warrior because it is an accurate dramatization of the fighting world, then The Hammer brings the realism to life like no other fighting movie. The Hammer is a biopic of real-life collegiate wrestler Matt Hamill, a fighter who was born deaf and worked his way up the fighting ranks through the competitive environment of college wrestling. It shows us his ups and downs as he feels like an outsider in his community thanks to his disability. The movie shows how hard work and dedication can help you make it to the top, no matter what your circumstances are.

    Never Back Down (2008)

    Movies Like Warrior: Never Back Down
    Never Back Down was one of the first movies to dramatize the world of MMA. Like Warrior, it takes place inside the cage but follows the story of Jake, an outsider who finds his place in society in an MMA gym. He struggles to fit in at his new school and is soon bullied by a local MMA fighter, but Jake trains to prove to himself that he is not a quitter. He is constantly put down by his high school bully, and the pair has one final showdown to settle their differences once and for all.

    If you love films where people punch the living daylights out of each other, then you’ll love these movies like Warrior. There is the perfect blend of violence and drama to keep fighting fans happy, and perhaps even inspire a few to lace up their gloves.

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