Movies Like Top Gun For When You Feel The Need… The Need For Speed!

They will take your breath away…


    “Der derrrr, duh duh duh duh der…” that’s me humming the Top Gun theme – sue me, it’s catchy as hell! The coolest cheesy flick of all time is definitely one of those feel-good films, and arguably the movie that shot Tom Cruise to superstardom. It has cool fighter planes, an awesome soundtrack, great conflict, and Val Kilmer with his ‘Guile-from-Street Fighter-haircut.’ I’m getting withdrawal symptoms from lack of Top Gunnage, so here are some movies like Top Gun that “take my breath away” – geddit?!

    Top Movies Like Top Gun

    Top Gun is one of the best “guy” movies ever, but that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t dig it as well. The same goes for this list of similar cool films – combining the perfect amount of cheese, humor, bromance, and cool music.

    Days of Thunder (1990)

    Movies like Top Gun - Days of Thunder

    Days of Thunder, like Top Gun, stars Tom Cruise and is helmed by Tony Scott. In fact, the movie is basically Top Gun, just with cars rather than places. The format, narrative, and structure are very similar, and the films are both as delightfully cheesy as one another. If you are looking for a similar movie to Top Gun, you need to make sure you check out Days of Thunder. It was also the film Tom and Nicole Kidman met, which would eventually lead to their marriage in 1990, just a few months later.

    An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)

    Movies like Top Gun - An Officer and a Gentleman

    This is the movie on the list perhaps most similar to Top Gun, except it has Richard Gere in it, not Tom Cruise. The plot is actually pretty similar, though not quite as much fun as Top Gun. Gere does well in a role that he’s suited to, and the soundtrack is surprisingly good as well. If you’re looking for one of the best movies out there similar to Top Gun, the perfect place to start would be with An Officer and a Gentleman.

    Hot Shots! (1991)

    Movies like Top Gun - Hot Shots

    A film as popular and iconic as Top Gun would have to be parodied at some point, and Hot Shots was the perfect parody movie for it. Well, in fact, it’s actually a parody of several films, but Top Gun is most definitely the main one here. Charlie Sheen plays a fighter pilot who must save a mission and take down a nefarious arms dealer. It’s great fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and leaves you wanting more (and afterward you can watch the sequel as well).

    Cocktail (1988)

    Movies like Top Gun - Cocktail

    Yes, believe it or not, Cocktail is actually a pretty similar movie to Top Gun. The beauty of Tom Cruise is that many of the movies in his early career were very formulaic. Many people don’t like this about him – I love it! Cocktail is a good example. Replace planes with cocktails, and Kelly McGillis with Elizabeth Shue and Top Gun becomes Cocktail. Though, I would argue, Cocktail is probably even cheesier!

    Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

    Movies like Top Gun - Behind Enemy Lines

    It might seem strange to see a war movie on here, but, Behind Enemy Lines shares a lot of similarities with Top Gun. A Naval navigator, played by Owen Wilson, is shot down behind enemy lines, and his commanding officer must work to bring him home. Behind Enemy Lines kinda fell under the radar a little when it was released, which is a shame because it’s actually a pretty good movie.

    Top Gun is one of those movies that is definitely something of a cult classic. There is so much this film offers to movie buffs, and it’s enjoyable even if you don’t love Tom Cruise (what’s wrong with you?!). Looking for movies like Top Gun is a great way of getting “that loving feeling” from some other sources as well.

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