Movies Like The Sound of Music For When You Don’t Want To say Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight

These are a few of our favorite things (by things we mean movies)…


    Okay, okay, you’ve got me. I’m a theater nerd. I love musicals. Yep, get the laughing over and done with now so you can enjoy this awesome article *winks* Because I’m such a fond lover of all things merry and bright, the Sound of Music just has to go at the top of every single musical movie list – it’s practically science. This movie follows the life of Maria, a failing nun who decides to leave her convent behind her (of course, singing and dancing along the way) to work as a governess for the Von Trapp family. However, if you’ve watched this movie so many times it’s kind of bordering on obsession, check out these movies like The Sound of Music, for when you don’t want to say Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight…

    The Best Movies Like The Sound of Music

    Of course, you probably know what’s coming. If we’re gonna compile a list of the best movies like The Sound of Music, they’re 100% going to have a load of singing and a load of dancing – just the way we like them. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee any yodeling. The Sound of Music is in a league of their own with that.

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

    Movies Like The Sound of Music - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Let’s be honest, you always know a musical movie is going to bloomin’ good when Dick Van Dyke is in it. It’s just the way it works. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is the kind of movie you can watch no matter your age, because it is one of the most entertaining movies ever made (it’s a fact). Unfortunately, the child snatcher will ALWAYS be scary, but that’s just something you have to put up with. This story follows the life of a makeshift inventor and his family as they fly off in a magical car to a far-off land, and it features a heck load of sing-a-long-able songs. The movie may be old, but it’s like a fine wine; it just gets better with age.

    Sister Act (1992)

    Movies Like The Sound of Music - Sister Act

    If you like The Sound of Music, you’ll love Sister Act. This movie will get you groovin’ and movin’ and clapping your hands along to hail Mary and praise Jesus – it’s a winner. One of the best things about Sister Act is that it’s a very similar storyline to The Sound of Music. However, instead of a nun teaching rebellious kids how to sing, a rebellious lounge singer has to teach nuns how to sing (okay, so it’s a little different). Nevertheless, the songs and the all-star cast will have you singing along for dayssssss.

    Oliver! (1968)

    Movies Like The Sound of Music - Oliver

    Another movie similar to The Sound of Music, that was actually released in the same year! Oliver is one of the most notable movie musicals of all time. It follows the life of a poor orphan who runs away from his orphanage and finds himself in the hands of trained pickpockets. Oh, and a pretty quirky mentor by the name of Fagin. However, life isn’t so easy for poor ol’ Oliver, who is being hunted by the evil Bill Sikes. Despite the pretty gloomy storyline, this movie will grip you from start to finish and will leave you asking…’Please sir, can I have some more?’

    The King and I (1956)

    Movies Like The Sound of Music - The King and I

    If you loved the storyline of The Sound of Music, you’ll love the storyline of The King and I – because it is pretty darn similar. This movie follows the tale of a beautiful widower who agrees to work for the King of Siam, to look after his children. Of course, as she takes care of the children, her songs and her nurturing nature appeals to the King…and they fall in luuuuurve. Aw, shucks.

    Annie (1982)

    Movies Like The Sound of Music - Annie

    As we sing and dance into the ‘80s, we begin to learn more and more about orphans – because apparently that’s a running theme in movie musicals. 1982 taught us that the sun will always come out tomorrow, it’s a pretty hard-knock life, and there are some dogs who are just dumb. However, this movie will also warm the cockles of your heart as you watch Annie being taken in by the wonderful Daddy Warbucks (who just happens to be a millionaire, bonus). Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy – as just like Oliver, Annie is being pursued by the nasty Miss Hannigan…who we definitely DON’T love.

    The Sound of Music is definitely one of the best movie musicals out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one in the world. So, if you’re missing the singing, dancing, and frolicing around in the fields, take a look at these other movies like The Sound of Music. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Oh, and when you’re done watching all these, check out some of the secrets behind The Sound of Music too (there’s some shockers in there).

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