Movies Like The Sixth Sense For When You See Dead People



    The Sixth Sense is one of the most successful movies in motion picture history. It popularised the idea of twist endings, and for a time became the most rented movie in America. The film worked wonderfully well as an atmospheric and moody horror-thriller. Bruce Willis does some of the best acting of his career, and Haley Joel Osment is a revelation as troubled child Cole Sear, who can see dead people. One of the most beloved movies ever, if you’re a fan you probably want to know about more movies like The Sixth Sense.

    Best Movies Like The Sixth Sense

    If you want to check out other movies like The Sixth Sense you’ll be looking for an eerie and rewarding supernatural fare. Something that creeps you out, with a strong emphasis on psychological, supernatural, suspenseful, and preferably with a mind-blowing twist at the end. Check out these great movies you’ll probably also dig.

    The Others (2001)

    Movies like the Sixth Sense - The Others

    Yes, it’s set in the 1940s, and it might not quite have the depth of The Sixth Sense, but The Others is an excellent movie and contains many similarities as well. The Others is a dark, gloomy, atmospheric movie, containing a creepy supernatural element, and kids troubled by the things they are seeing. Again, the movie has a wonderfully, and uncharacteristically dark twist ending, which makes it a movie very similar to The Sixth Sense in a lot of ways.

    Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

    Movies Like the Sixth Sense - Jacob's Ladder

    If you’ve never seen Jacob’s Ladder, it’s difficult to describe without giving things away, but I will say it is certainly one of the most underrated movies Tim Robbins has ever done. Much like The Sixth Sense, both of the movies feature middle-aged men who start to experience supernatural phenomenon in their lives and find out things they never knew about themselves. Though set in different eras, these movies share plenty of similarities, and, if you love The Sixth Sense, you’ll love Jacob’s Ladder as well.

    Stir of Echoes (1999)

    Movies Like The Sixth Sense - Stir of Echoes

    Kevin Bacon stars in this David Koepp directed psychological thriller about a man who is hypnotized and begins to have ghostly visions of a young girl. Working with his son (who also sees the girl) to get to the bottom of the mystery. Both movies feature ghosts that reveal themselves to young boys and attempt to make their presence known to older men. Both movies feature startling revelations that bring the rest of the movie into focus.

    The Orphanage (2007)

    Movies like The Sixth Sense - The Orphanage

    Amazingly atmospheric Spanish supernatural-thriller, The Orphanage shares plenty of similarities with The Sixth Sense. A young boy begins a friendship with an apparition against the backdrop of an eerie orphanage. A young boy communicating with spirits and supernatural forces seems to be the main link here. While both films look wonderful, The Orphanage is simply gorgeous and builds atmosphere expertly. If you want a movie similar to The Sixth Sense, I can definitely suggest checking out The Orphanage.

    Shutter Island (2010)

    Movies like The Sixth Sense - Shutter Island

    Okay, you might not think this 2010 offering from the Scorsese-DiCaprio dream team has many similarities to The Sixth Sense. But, there are quite a few similarities, plus I wanna give this flick props because I love it! Both movies feature middle-aged men trying to uncover a mystery they lie at the heart of. Both deal with visions of the past, as well as the themes of insanity and identity, and this is what makes Shutter Island a similar movie to The Sixth Sense in many ways.

    When it comes to iconic supernatural horror-thrillers, The Sixth Sense is pretty much the benchmark. It changed the scope of the modern horror movie and popularised the now ubiquitous twist ending. I hope that, if you love The Sixth Sense you will dig these movies as well.

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