Movies Like The Matrix That Show You How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes

But the question is, would you take the blue pill or the red pill?


    No other movie has influenced the modern science fiction landscape quite like The Matrix. When The Wachowskis’ seminal sci-fi flick came out in 1999, it set a benchmark for the movies that were to follow. The film did things no movie had done before and relaunched the career of star Keanu Reeves. A twisting, turning, reality-bending science-fiction action epic, and a movie that we can revisit time and again. If you’re looking for some movies like The Matrix, these are some of the choices I would recommend.

    Best Movies Like The Matrix

    Movies like The Matrix will often be science fiction epics set in the near future, where the hero’s perception of reality is questioned. There will be stunning sci-fi set pieces, amazing action and fight scenes, and a dystopian look at the future of the world, with machines ruling the roost. Get a load of these awesome movies similar to The Matrix.

    The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

    Movies like The Matrix - The Thirteenth Floor

    This is a criminally underrated movie about a guy who gets the feeling that our world is just a simulated computer universe. The plot is actually more intricate than The Matrix, and the movie itself is one of the most overlooked movies ever. If you have a hankering for movies like The Matrix that are a similar ilk, you need to make sure you check this flick out. It borrows some elements from The Matrix but is very much its own movie as well. Check out this under the radar gem; I’d recommend it to anyone.

    Inception (2010)

    Movies like The Matrix - Inception

    Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster masterpiece left fans simultaneously blown away and befuddled upon its release. The movie follows the idea of virtual constructs within the mind and definitely shares some similarities with the ‘99 blockbuster. While Inception focuses more on the characters entering and stealing people’s dreams, it still packs the same punch as The Matrix. Both are similar in many ways, and I would definitely recommend being attentive when you watch each.

    Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

    Movies like The Matrix - Edge of Tomorrow

    If you’re looking for a movie similar to The Matrix, you might be surprised by how close you get with Edge of Tomorrow. This 2014 blockbuster starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is about a guy who is dropped into a war zone during a battle against aliens, and is killed, only to wake up and find himself sent back again. He lives the day over and over, each time getting closer to his end goal of defeating the alien hordes. This is a movie with a lot of depth, a great story, and some wonderful performances to boot!

    Dark City (1998)

    Movies like The Matrix -Dark City

    This is a bonkers movie directed by Alex Proyas who helmed The Crow. It’s dark, dystopian, atmospheric, and totally neo-noir. The film follows a man waking up beside a dead body, whose search for answers uncovers staggering truths that reveal his world is not what he thought it was. Provocative, intelligent, and visually stunning, this is one my favorite movies, and if you love The Matrix, you’ll dig Dark City.

    Existenz (1999)

    Movies like The Matrix - Existenz

    Another film similar to The Matrix in a lot of ways – it features a couple who become hooked on plugging into a virtual reality game called Existenz, only to find that the lines between the game and reality start to blur. This is an interesting movie about the dangers of virtual reality, that has aged well, and offers some important commentary on the future of technology.

    These are some of the best movies like The Matrix that I can recommend to movie fans. There are so many great science fiction films out there, but I would suggest that The Matrix would rank among the most influential. If you loved The Matrix as much as I did, then you definitely need to make sure you have a look at the movies I’ve suggested on this list.

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