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Movies Like Saw For When You Want to Play a Game

For when you need your mind-game and gore fix!

    Do you want to play a game? That phrase is now enough to fill anyone with dread after it was popularised by that creepy-as-heck doll in Saw. The genius of Saw always lay in the fact that Jigsaw, technically, never kills a single person, but is responsible for pretty much every death. Horror buffs can’t get enough of these movies (and neither can we). So, here are some movies like Saw to tide you over until Jigsaw is released later in the year.

    Top Movies Like Saw

    Saw was an unexpected success upon release, and horror fans lapped up the numerous sequels. If you want to find movies similar to Saw, you’re going to be looking at gory, dark, atmospheric movies that play on your mind. Here are some of the best we can recommend.

    Hostel (2005)

    Movies like Saw - Hostel

    The movie that pretty much single-handedly put hostels across Europe out of business, Eli Roth’s horror extravaganza is the perfect choice. It’s a little more of a slow burner than Saw, but, once it gets going it’s pretty darn gnarly! If you are missing the gore fix Saw gave you, Hostel is the perfect movie to pop in. The story is simple, two backpackers traveling Europe are captured and become part of a sick game where people pay to torture and murder kidnap victims.

    WΔZ (2007)

    Movies Like Saw - WΔZ

    Pronounced ‘double-u delta zed,’ WΔZ is actually one of the more intriguing entries on this list. It’s a clever concept – a serial killer is trying to prove the theory that human beings are naturally selfish, by giving victims a terrible choice, between them and their loved ones. It’s a flick that has plenty of Saw’s DNA, and, it’s certain that, if you liked Saw you’ll love WΔZ. The movie is dark, atmospheric, gory, and has plenty of twists and turns. Plus, a young Tom Hardy – and the answer to Tom Hardy is always “Yes.”

    Cube (1997)

    Movies like Saw - Cube

    This low-budget Canadian indie film is the best horror movie you’ve never seen. The premise is simple – 7 strangers awake to find themselves trapped in a huge, giant cube. They must navigate the booby-trapped rooms and find a way out – but they can only do it if they all work together. It’s simple, effective, and much better than you think it’s going to be, oh, and there’s enough gore and mind-messing to satisfy too. If you’re looking for a great movie like Saw, this is definitely one you need to get on your list.

    The Experiment (2010)

    Movies like Saw - The Experiment

    Terrifying because it’s not a million miles away from something that could happen to any of us. Based on the true story of the Stanford Prison Experiment, 26 men are chosen for an experiment; 6 become guards, and 20 are prisoners. If they can live in a prison environment, and live by the rules for 2 weeks, each will be paid. The concept of an experiment, and people being responsible for the lives of others, is something that definitely mirrors the Saw movies. Horror fans will get a kick out of the violence, and there is something here for those who like cerebral movies too.

    Martyrs (2008)

    Movies like Saw - Martyrs

    Not for the faint of heart this one. Martyrs is a fantastic French horror flick about a woman and her friend seeking retribution against those who kidnapped and abused them. It’s a no-holds-barred horror movie, with plenty of torture and depravity in there. If you want a movie like Saw, this is one of the closest you’re going to get. This is a brutal, unflinching, stunning film, that will have a definite impact on you as a viewer.

    If you love horror movies, it’s likely Saw is going to land somewhere on your list. If you’ve missed Jigsaw and his nefarious games since he’s been away, you’ll be delighted that the new film is out this Halloween. But, in the meantime, make sure you fill your TV with these excellent movies like Saw, to tide you over until the new flick hits cinema screens.

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