Movies Like Pan’s Labyrinth Because If The Door Is Locked, You Create Your Own Door

Get taken on and adventure with these movies like Pan’s Labyrinth…


    Pan’s Labyrinth is the 2006 fairytale-like movie directed by Guillermo del Toro that focuses on the life of a little girl whose imagination ran away with her during the 1940s in a war-torn Spain. The protagonist’s (Ofelia’s) father passed away in the civil war, and she moves with her mother to the house of a brutal Spanish military captain for security. She meets a mysterious fawn who gives her three tasks to grant her immortality.

    Movies Like Pan’s Labyrinth

    The movie has a creepy fairytale feeling to it with underlying social issues running through it. It is very stylish, and you’ll be amazed as much by the costumes and sets as you will by the unique characters del Toro has created.

    Edward Scissorhands (1990)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: Edward Scissorhands
    If you love Pan’s Labyrinth, you’ll love Edward Scissorhands. The protagonist of this movie lives in a gothic mansion on the top of a hill overlooking a very quirky and a-typical suburb. He was created by a genius inventor and has lived all alone since his creator tragically passed away, unable to completely finish making Edward, leaving him with scissors for hands. It’s like Pan’s Labyrinth because Edward is brought to reality when he is taken down from the hilltop and moves in with a family. He ultimately rejects their society and returns back to his gothic mansion to live out the rest of his life alone.

    The Shape of Water (2017)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: The Shape of Water
    From the mind of Pan’s Labyrinth director, Guillermo del Toro, comes The Shape of Water. It follows the same theme of Pan’s Labyrinth with the dark fairytale style setting and follows the story of a mute woman who falls in love with a mysterious aquatic creature. The creature almost takes the shape of a human and the woman, Elsa, falls in love with it. She discovers that the creature is going to be experimented on and does her best to save it, even putting herself at great risk by getting involved in a government operation.

    The Brothers Grimm (2005)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: Brothers Grimm
    When looking for a film similar to Pan’s Labyrinth, you may stumble upon The Brothers Grimm. An adventure fantasy, The Brothers Grimm tells the story of two con-artist brothers who travel through Germany in the 19th century trying to help people get rid of made up curses and ghosts. Until they accidentally stumble upon a real curse that they must actually get rid of, despite being completely out of their depth. It has that gothic style fairy tale feeling to it that flows through Pan’s Labyrinth but throws in enough good humor to make sure audiences crack plenty of smiles during the movie.

    Big Fish (2003)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: Big Fish
    Ewan McGregor stars in Tim Burton’s Big Fish. A fantasy comedy that follows the life of Edward Bloom, a man whose family likes to make up stories about the adventures he had in his life. We get taken on a journey back through time to witness all of the crazy stories that Bloom claims to have happened actually come to life. This movie transforms what was thought to be fiction into reality for Bloom and his family, as the stories of his past all come into his family’s life in the most unexpected way.

    Spirited Away (2001)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: Spirited Away
    Loved Pan’s Labyrinth? You’ll love Spirited Away. Pan’s Labyrinth starred a headstrong young girl whose imagination would sometimes get the better of her and so too does animated adventure Spirited Away, from animation team Studio Ghibli. Chihiro is traveling with her family to their new home when they accidentally take a wrong turn, somehow entering a mysterious and magical world that no one knew existed. Her parents mysteriously get turned into pigs, forcing her to stay in the fantasy world until she can find a way back to reality.

    The Others (2001)

    Movies Like Pan's Labyrinth: The Others
    Pan’s Labyrinth managed to keep viewers on their toes with some subtle elements of horror throughout the movie, The Others amps up that feeling with period style horror and plenty of mystery. It feels much like Pan’s Labyrinth as the family that feature in the movie are isolated in an old mansion, locked away from society, but there seems to be ghosts or mysterious beings all around the house. There are many moments of suspense and a feeling that things aren’t quite how they are being portrayed.

    If you loved Pan’s Labyrinth but don’t know what to watch to recapture the feeling you had then check these movies like Pan’s Labyrinth out. They each manage to replicate elements of the movie but are all different at the same time, meaning you won’t have the feeling of having seen them before, unless, of course, you have seen them before!

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