Movies Like La La Land For When A City Of Stars Are Shining Just For You

Grab your dancing shoes, ladies and gentlebeans


    God bless Hollywood right now because they are ticking all of our boxes, tickling our fancy, and floating our boat all at once. Yep, the fact that they are bringing movie musicals back into our lives is one of the greatest things to ever happen over the course of our existence, and we’re pretty sure we will now spend the rest of our days singing show tunes and sliding in our tap shoes across every single surface imaginable. It’s a way of life now. In our eyes, the catalyst for this musical revolution was La La Land, so if you’re looking for more toe-tapping acting, you should definitely check out these movies like La La Land for when a city of stars is shining just for you…

    Movies Like La La Land

    Let’s be honest; La La Land has had a pretty rough ride of it. Not only was it the victim of THAT blunder at the 2017 Oscar Awards (#Awkward), but it’s also been the victim of angry fans who cannot believe the ending of this movie. I mean, it was going so well. Why did they have to ruin it? Nevertheless, the all-singing, all-dancing story of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone has become one of our favorite movies of all time, which is why we’re trying to fill our lives with as many movies like La La Land as possible.

    Begin Again (2013)

    Movies Like La La Land: Begin Again
    If you love La La Land, you’ll love Begin Again – because it’s another movie of two A-List celebrities proving that they are way more talented than we will ever be. Yuh-huh, this 2013 movie follows the life of Keira Knightley as she struggles to make it in the world of music as a singer-songwriter. Luckily, she’s not the only one struggling in life, because Mark Ruffalo is also having a pretty sucky experience. After being kicked out of his own record label, he makes it his mission to get back to the top of his game. Do you see the connection here? They work together and make sweet, sweet music, duh!

    The Greatest Showman (2017)

    Movies Like La La Land: The Greatest Showman
    The Greatest Showman is not only one of the greatest movies like La La Land, but it is also one of the greatest movies in history. We’re not lying. The songs for this movie were written by Pasek and Paul (AKA the songwriters behind La La Land), so it was inevitable that this movie would be a hit – but nobody had no idea just how successful it would be. Following the story of P.T Barnum and his circus, this movie features Hugh Jackman (sans his Wolverine claws), Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson. There’s a reason why there’s a song called “The Greatest Show” – and that’s because it really is the greatest show.

    Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

    Movies Like La La Land: Inside Llewyn Davis
    If you haven’t heard of this movie, we wouldn’t be surprised. This incredible movie is the kind of movie that has slipped under the surface of Hollywood and gained a cult following away from the limelight, and it’s our favorite movie of all time. This movie was the creation of the Coen Brothers and features some of the most beautiful folk music you will ever listen to over the course of your life. With Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake, the story will also take you on a heartbreaking journey that will make you want to cry out of the window. In a good way, of course.

    Whiplash (2014)

    Movies Like La La Land: Whiplash
    If you’re looking for a movie like La La Land that will get you pumped up and ready for what life has to throw at you, Whiplash is the movie for you. This drama movie follows the life of Miles Teller as he attends his first year at the impressive Shaffer Music Conservatory in the Big Apple. With a natural jazz ability and an incredible drumming talent, Miles thinks that he’s got it made. He’ll breeze through his first year, and he’ll graduate with the best grades, right? Well, not if his teacher has anything to do with it. As he learns under the abusive direction of J.K Simmons, he soon realizes that he might not be cut out for the music world after all…

    The Notebook (2004)

    Movies Like La La Land: The Notebook
    I mean, we couldn’t include Ryan Gosling’s OTHER famous movie, could we? Nowadays, La La Land is one of his most impressive roles to date, but his role in The Notebook is still one of his memorable. As the ultimate romantic comedy, The Notebook has everything you could possibly want from a movie in one 124-minute Nicholas Sparks creation. Gosling stars alongside Rachel McAdams in this famous movie, and their relationship is even more heartwarming knowing that these two actually dated in real life. Yep, if you love La La Land, you’ll love The Notebook.

    La La Land will forever go down in movie history as one of the most iconic movies of the 21st Century, but it isn’t the only film that will get your musical theater juices flowing. By the time you’ve watched all of these movies like La La Land, you will be the best darn singer and dancer known to man. At least, you will be in your own opinion…

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