Movies Like Jumanji For When Monopoly Just Won’t Cut It

Because who wouldn’t want to play a boardgame with Robin Williams?


    Playing a board game might seem innocent enough, but that is until you realize there is more to this simple game than meets the eye. In fact, Jumanji isn’t like anything else in the world as each roll of the dice unleashes new exotic creatures and devastating attacks. 26 years after the dice were first rolled, Judy and Peter must finish the game if they ever want to put it to rest. Little do they know who will pop out of the board… So what happens when the film is all said and done? We search for other movies like Jumanji to give us our adventure fill.

    Movies Like Jumanji

    If you’re looking for your hit of fantasy, action, and adventure – with a touch of Robin Williams thrown in for good measure – then you have come to the right place as we have plenty of movies like Jumanji that will give a new beat to your jungle drums.

    Hook (1991)

    Movies like Jumanji: Hook
    Robin Williams has appeared in a huge number of hits over the years, and Hook is no exception. Unlike the traditional Peter Pan story, here we get to see the main character all grown up living life as a lawyer. Only, when Captain Hook kidnaps his children, Peter must search deep within his memories and remember his life in Neverland. In fact, this film is so like Jumanji the two movies were released as an all-in-one VHS back in 1996. Now, the Robin Williams fun never has to end.

    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

    Movies Like Jumanji: Honey I Shrunk The Kids
    This film might not include any board games, but it does involve children going missing after playing with their dad’s shrink ray. You guessed it; they end up shrunk down and tossed in the trash with the rest of the dust. Now, they must try and make it back home it’s too late. But the yard is a lot bigger than it once was. 3.2 miles to be precise. If you like Jumanji, you’ll love getting to watch these children fend for themselves and battle the wilderness to make it home. Who needs their parents’ help anyway?

    The Mask (1994)

    Movies Like Jumanji: The Mask
    Of course, if you find an unusual mask then why not put it on your face to impress a girl? Sounds innocent enough to us. If you’re looking for movies like Jumanji than look no further, as it’s Jim Carrey’s turn to embrace all the weird and wonderful side effects of finding a washed up artifact. The film is packed full of comedy as Jim Carrey does what Jim Carrey does best, but that’s not all. No, he must also try and battle against the city’s mobster if he wants to keep control of the mask and enjoy his new-found confidence.

    Night at the Museum (2006)

    Movies Like Jumanji: Night At The Museum
    Jumanji is filled with all kinds of exotic animals coming to life throughout the city, and Night at the Museum is no exception. The film follows the life of Larry after he gets a job as a night security guard at a museum. Only, not everything is as it seems. As soon as night falls, the exhibits get a life of their own. So why would anyone want to take the artifact that makes it all possible? As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to watch this movie like Jumanji already, then prepare yourself for another hit of Robin Williams. He has a horse and everything.

    Zathura (2005)

    Movies Like Jumanji: Zathura
    If you loved Jumanji, then you’ll want to see Zathura. This space adventure film follows the lives of two brothers, Danny and Walter, who stumble upon a mysterious board game in their basement. Sound familiar? It gets better. Just like Jumanji, the boys are transported to outer space where they must enlist the help of an astronaut if they ever want to finish the game and make it home in one piece. Of course, the task won’t be easy as they have to fight off a whole host of aliens if they stand a chance of completing the game.

    Groundhog Day (1993)

    Movies Like Jumanji: Groundhog Day
    Just like Jumanji, Groundhog Day follows Phil Connors as he reports on the Groundhog Day event. Only, rather than carrying on with his life, Phil gets stuck in a time loop where he keeps living the same day again and again. Will he ever find a way to make it out? As if that wasn’t bad enough, Phil is the only one in the world that seems to know what’s happening. We might not get Robin Williams, but Bill Murray is here to provide all the comedy we need for this Jumanji replacement.

    If we’ve learned one thing, it’s not to play with strange games or things we find abandoned around the city. At least we got that covered! However, if you can’t help but watch someone else discover their curious side, then these movies like Jumanji will give you all the adventure fix you need.

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