Movies Like Into the Wild To Inspire Your Inner Supertramp

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    If you’ve never watched Into the Wild, we wouldn’t be surprised, it was hardly a box office sellout. If you have watched it, however – well, here are some invisible brownie points for you! This biographical drama is a Sean Penn masterpiece. Fact. However, we really can’t give Sean Penn much credit, as the whole story actually happened in real life and is an adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s nonfiction book. Yep, this movie follows the life of Christopher McCandless (or Alexander Supertramp, as he liked to be called) as he ditches his modern lifestyle in search of meaning in the wilderness. This movie will definitely awaken your inner scout, and have you running to your nearest outdoor activities store to buy yourself a tent. But if you need a bit more inspiration, check out these movies like Into the Wild to inspire your inner Supertramp…

    The Best Movies Like Into The Wild

    With a name like Into the Wild, it’s pretty easy to tell that Christopher McCandless didn’t just take a trip to the mall or the nearest fast-food joint. Instead, the main theme of this movie is a rejection of modern society (because, y’know, society is sooooo mainstream),with an aim of taking it back to nature, and surviving in the wild. So, check out these hipsters-who-didn’t-realize-they-were-hipsters in these movies like Into the Wild.

    Cast Away (2000)

    Movies Like Into the Wild - Cast Away

    If you’ve never watched Cast Away, you’ll probably still know one of the iconic moments from this movie – where Tom Hanks becomes best pals with a ball that has a blood-spattered face on it and shouts ‘WILSOOOOOOON’ at the top of his lungs. Because apparently, that’s what Tom Hanks does. However, if you’ve ever wondered why Hanks is looking a little disheveled in this movie, it’s because he is quite literally a castaway, and is stuck on a desert island in the South Pacific. Will he be rescued? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out…

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

    Movies Like Into the Wild - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    If you love Into the Wild, you’ll love The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Although this movie stars Ben Stiller (Hollywood legend), this isn’t the kind of big blockbuster Into the Wild fans absolutely despise. It’s all good, we’ve got your back. Instead, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty follows the life of Walter as he embarks on a global journey of self-discovery and adventure – in search of the critically acclaimed photojournalist, Sean O’Connell, and the ‘quintessence of life.’ This is a good’un.

    Wild (2014)

    Movies Like Into the Wild - Wild

    I mean, has Reese Witherspoon ever done a bad movie? Answer: Nope. If you’re a fan of Into the Wild, you’ll love Wild, because the concepts are incredibly similar. After a recent divorce, Reese’s character leaves her hometown in search of emotional healing and time to reflect – and finds herself hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. But with no hiking experience behind her back, the 1,100 mile trek soon takes its toll on the explorer…

    The Beach (2000)

    Movies Like Into the Wild - The Beach

    It’s Leonardo DiCaprio – so you kinda have to watch this one. It’s only polite. Luckily, you won’t have to persuade yourself The Beach is a good movie, because it’s actually a great movie. The Beach has been adapted from the Alex Garland book of the same name, and follows the life of Richard, a wannabe adventurer who soon finds himself in Bangkok, before making his way to a pristine, secluded island in Thailand. This one will definitely make you want to pack your bags and leave your 9-5 behind you (sorry, boss).

    Touching the Void (2003)

    Movies Like Into the Wild - Touching the Void

    Another similar movie to Into the Wild is Touching the Void. Unlike many of the other movies on this list, this movie is a real-life docudrama that tells the tale of real explorers. This movie documents the struggles and near-fatal expeditions of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates as they attempt to climb the Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes. And just like Christopher McCandless and his Into the Wild mission, their mission was an escape from everyday life that had disastrous consequences. Oooooh.

    Of course, Into the Wild is one of the best movies out there. That one is pretty obvious. However, there are a whole host of movies out there that will also get your blood pumping, your travel bug tingling, and allow your sense of adventure to take over your whole body. So, watch these movies like Into the Wild to inspire your inner Supertramp…

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