Movies Like Gone Girl Because Whatever They Found, It’s Safe To Assume That It’s Bad

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    Do you ever just really love to creep yourself out? Perhaps you like to Google pictures of ghosts even though you’re more afraid of spirits than you are spiders. Perhaps you listen to mystery podcasts about unsolved criminal cases that have shocked the world. Or perhaps you just love tucking into a good thriller movie of an evening to settle you down after a long, hard day at work. It doesn’t make sense, right? BUT WE LOVE THEM. Yep, one of the best thriller movies of the 21st Century just has to be Gone Girl, but we’ve now got a taste for the creepiness… and we want more. If you’re in the same (weird) boat, then check out these movies like Gone Girl because whatever they found, it’s safe to assume that it’s bad…

    Movies Like Gone Girl

    Gone Girl first came into our lives in 2014, but the movie was actually adapted from the book of the same name – which we would totally recommend. Yuh-huh, we’re bookworms, too. This story follows the life of Nick Dune (played by the legend that is Ben Affleck), who suddenly becomes the prime suspect in a criminal investigation after his wife seems to disappear out of the blue. This is the ultimate whodunnit movie, and will basically transform you into a police detective. Want more? These movies like Gone Girl will be right up your street.

    The Girl on the Train (2016)

    Movies Like Gone Girl: The Girl On The Train
    If you love Gone Girl, you’ll love Girl on the Train. This mystery thriller will get you hooked from the first scene, and you just HAVE to see it through to the end. Yep, this movie will confuse you, it will scare you, and it will even excite you – and we just need to know whether you guess the ending correctly. This movie follows the life of Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) as she deals with a life of unemployment and divorce. Instead of telling her parents, she decides to follow the same routine every single day and pass by her old house, her former husband, and his new wife on the train. However, things aren’t quite as they seem…

    Se7en (1995)

    Movies Like Gone Girl: Se7en
    While the name of this movie might infuriate or impress you, we have a feeling that the storyline will impress you even more. This movie stars the likes of Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Morgan Freeman; it’s safe to say that the acting in this film is on point. Brad Pitt is the star of this show, and stars as a detective who searches for a devastating ‘serial killer’ who chooses his victims and his actions based on the seven sins. He finds those associated with gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, wrath, lust, and pride, and… well, he isn’t very nice to them. It’s Pitt’s job to catch him in the act and put an end to the devastation.

    Zodiac (2007)

    Movies Like Gone Girl: Zodiac
    Let’s be honest; we’ve all heard of the Zodiac. This notorious criminal is one of the most famous criminals in the world and is known for his infamous actions during the ‘60s and ‘70s in the San Francisco Bay Area. This movie takes this story and brings it onto our screens, with the help of Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, and Anthony Edwards. As the local police make it their mission to hunt down the Zodiac, the criminal taunts them with letters, cryptic clues, and ciphers that make the whole thing even more confusing. Will they be able to catch him before even more people are harmed?

    Basic Instinct (1992)

    Movies Like Gone Girl: Basic Instinct
    Okay, we’re gonna warn you now. This movie is graphic and saucy, so you might need to prepare yourself. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect movie like Gone Girl because you really get into the thick of a criminal investigation. Yep, this film follows the life of Nick Curran (played by Michael Douglas) as he tries to solve a devastating case. During this high-profile investigation, Nick finds himself in the bed of the woman who is the prime suspect. Of course, that’s kinda the opposite of what any detective should do when working on a case – but he does it anyway. We think you can guess how this one ends.

    Side Effects (2013)

    Movies Like Gone Girl: Side Effects
    If you’re looking for a movie like Gone Girl that will truly creep you out, we have a feeling that Side Effects has just what you’re looking for. This movie stars Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum and follows the life of a woman who waits patiently for her husband to be released from jail. However, when her husband comes back into her life, she finds herself battling with her mental health. After being prescribed medicine for her condition by her psychiatrists, she hopes that she will see a change in her life – but it’s not the change that she or her husband expected. Let’s just say that it’s pretty darn intense.

    Gone Girl will always be one of our favorite thriller movies of all time, but sometimes it’s good to branch out, right? This is why these movies like Gone Girl will definitely hit the spot.

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