Movies Like Finding Nemo So You Can Just Keep Swimming

OOOOHAHHHHAAAA-Ooaaaah-OOooah. That means “these are awesome” in whale language ?


    You’re happily swimming in the ocean and then boom – you’re in a fish tank. How did that happen? And where is the rest of your family? Plus, Nemo isn’t just any clownfish. He also has a ‘lucky fin’ after surviving an attack from a barracuda while he was still an egg. That isn’t all. The fish also took the rest of his siblings and mother, meaning it’s just Nemo and his dad, Marlin, left. After watching this animated film, there is plenty of room left to enjoy all these great movies like Finding Nemo.

    Movies Like Finding Nemo

    Of course, if you’re looking for movies like Finding Nemo, then we have plenty of animated classics to keep you busy. But that’s not all. Get ready for tales of animals and people alike who are all faced with their own journeys as they battle to make it home before it’s too late.

    Finding Dory (2016)

    Movies Like Finding Nemo: Finding Dory
    Now, we couldn’t kick off a list of movies like Finding Nemo without including its spinoff, could we? Of course not! So here we have the tale of Finding Dory. Dory is a regal blue tang with short-term memory loss. We now know that Dory ends up with Nemo and Marlin, but where did she come from? Who are her parents? It’s time to find out as Dory is on a one-fish-mission to find her family. There are plenty of throwbacks to Finding Nemo as well as a whole host of new, aquatic animals to keep you entertained.

    Toy Story (1995)

    Movies Like Finding Nemo: Toy Story
    Most of us grew up playing with toys, so who wouldn’t like to watch what they get up to when we aren’t around? Only, when spaceman Buzz Lightyear comes in and takes the place of favorite toy, a cowboy named Woody, there are some issues. The pair end up battling it out to become number one toy, but accidentally get lost along the way. If you liked Finding Nemo, then you’ll love watching the journey these two must embark along if they want to make it home – and stay out of the hands of their toy-destroying neighbor, Sid.

    A Bug’s Life (1998)

    Movies Like Finding Nemo: A Bug's Life
    Flik might choose to leave his ant colony, but hear us out. The ants are under threat as the grasshoppers arrive to take their annual harvest, only to find all the food has gone after one of Flik’s inventions went wrong and sent it tumbling off the edge of a cliff. To make it up to his friends, Flik travels to the city to search out bigger bugs to scare away their grasshopper enemies. In a film like Finding Nemo, we get to see Flik embark on the journey of a lifetime as he tries to protect the one thing that means the most to him in his tiny world: his family.

    The Wizard of Oz (1939)

    Movies Like Finding Nemo: The Wizard of Oz
    We’re off to see the wizard, and for a good reason – he gives us a movie like Finding Nemo for when our days are in need of some family fun. So why should you watch the most seen film in history? Because just like Nemo, we get to follow Dorothy as she journeys through the magical land of Oz to find her way back to Kansas. However, she can’t do it alone and must enlist the help of her friends she encounters along the way if she wants to make it home safely. Her, and her little dog, too.

    The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

    Movies Like Finding Nemo: The Emporer's New Groove
    All-singing, all-dancing, eccentric emperor? Check. Plenty of musical numbers? Check. Llamas? Ch – what?! Yup, you read that right. Kuzco is emperor of Inca, but his advisor, Yzma, has dreams of ruling the kingdom herself. Only, after a mix up with her potions, Kuzco ends up being turned into a llama. It’s then that llama Kuzco must turn to Pacha, a local in the village, if he ever wants to become human again. The only problem is, Kuzco’s plans have never made him a favorite amongst his people. Why should Pacha help the selfish emperor? After all, how bad can Yzma really be?

    Finding Nemo has it all. Comedy, family-feels, and plenty of drama as it’s a race to make it back to the ocean. However, it appears as though it’s not only this little fish that needs to make his way back home. These movies like Finding Nemo give us all the fun of a journey while sitting at home on the couch. Perfect.

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