Movies Like Deadpool Because We’re Just So Excited For Our First Day Of Superhero School

Deadpool would be proud of these movies. Actually, scrap that, he wouldn’t give a darn…


    We love a superhero movie as much as the next guy (and the next guy is Stan Lee), so it should come as no surprise to learn that we’re pretty darn obsessed with Deadpool. Yep, when we say ‘obsessed’ what we really mean is that as soon as we get home, we pop on our morphsuit, strap our swords to our backs, and make hugely inappropriate jokes that are also downright hilarious. This 2016 movie gave us the chance to see the Marvel Cinematic in a whole new light, and we have Ryan Reynolds to thank for that. Thank you for being rude, obnoxious, totally weird, but also the most amazing person on this planet. You rock. If you feel the same, check out these movies like Deadpool – because we’re so just so excited for our first day of superhero school!

    Movies Like Deadpool

    Although Deadpool lives within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he stands alone. I mean, the fact that it’s an R-Rated movie should give you a little taste of what this movie is all about. Despite the awesome swearing and the inappropriate comments that definitely toe the line, this superhero movie is actually pretty darn epic. The action is non-stop. The humor is endless. The acting is impeccable. The superpowers are incredible, and the whole shebang is just one of the best things we’ve ever set our eyes on. Luckily, there are other movies like Deadpool to tickle your fancy…

    Ant-Man (2015)

    Movies Like Deadpool: Ant-Man
    Don’t get us wrong, we love it when our favorite superheroes come together in movies like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy – but we also love it when these supers are given their very own platform. This is one of the reasons why we’re obsessed with Ant-Man. Another reason is that his superpower is siiiiiiiiick. Yep, Paul Rudd has the ability to shrink himself down to the size of an ant in this movie, so you might want to look where you’re walking next time you go outside. You could be stepping on Ant-Man. That would not be cool.

    Green Lantern (2011)

    Movies Like Deadpool: Green Lantern
    If you’re looking for a movie like Deadpool, you might want to watch Green Lantern, or you might want to avoid it completely. The jury is out on this one because even Ryan Reynolds himself has mocked his early work for being… well, for being absolute trash. However, if you love Deadpool, you just have to watch this movie to see how far Reynolds has come. He’s ditched the green for the red, he’s ditched good-boy act to become the resident bad-boy, and he’s just become so much more awesome. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ve just gotta push through!

    Big Hero 6 (2014)

    Movies Like Deadpool: Big Hero 6
    Okay, so Big Hero 6 might not be the most obvious choice if you’re looking for movies like Deadpool, but everyone needs to watch this movie at some point in their lives. While it may be far away from the Marvel universe, Big Hero 6 is an animated movie that will restore your faith in humanity, make you laugh out loud, and make you cry a river just like Justin Timberlake wanted. This movie follows the life of Hiro Hamada – a 14-year-old genius who struggles to cope after the passing of his brother. Luckily, Baymax is there to keep him on track, and also stop the evil villain who is trying to destroy the world. You know, no biggie.

    Zombieland (2009)

    Movies Like Deadpool: Zombieland
    If you love Deadpool, you’ll also love Zombieland. This post-apocalyptic comedy movie is full of horrendous (yet hilarious) jokes that Deadpool himself would be proud of. While Jesse Eisenberg might not be as cool as Wade Wilson, he’s definitely got the skills to ward off a zombie apocalypse. At least that’s what he likes to think. Yep, this movie takes place throughout one of the toughest times the human race has had to endure, and it’s a good thing he has the likes of Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin on hand to help him. He needs it.

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    Movies Like Deadpool: Deadpool 2
    You didn’t think we could talk about movies like Deadpool and NOT talk about Deadpool 2, did you? Of course, the jury is still out on whether the second Deadpool movie is better than the first – but if you want our opinion, it’s so much better! This is an impressive feat considering just how popular the first movie is, but Ryan Reynolds pulled it out of the bag once again. The gags were even funnier, the humor was even darker, the storyline was even more intense, the superpowers were even more epic, and the whole thing was just enhanced. What did you think?

    Deadpool will forever remain at the top of our favorite movies list, but there are only so many times you can watch this film. We’re going to leave ours in the thousands and try out these other movies like Deadpool. After all, we need to learn all of the super tips and tricks if we want to make it into superhero school…

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