Movies Like Avatar For When You Don’t Want to Leave Pandora

Your spirit goes with Eywa. Your body stays behind to become part of The People.


    Unless you’ve been living in a distant universe for the past eight years (that’s kinda cool), you’ll     know that Avatar is one of the greatest movies EVER MADE. Yep, you know it’s true. As the brainchild of the legendary James Cameron, Avatar is the highest grossing movie ever created, and takes viewers to the distant land of the Na’vi tribe. As the human Avatar invade their habitable moon planet, can the two tribes come to an agreement? Or will Pandora lose all it holds dear? Well, if you’re obsessed with Avatar as much as we are, check out these movies like Avatar for when you don’t want to leave Pandora…

    Movies Like Avatar

    Avatar is by far the greatest science fiction movie out there – and it’s not just us that think so. Of course, there are other films that take us to distant lands and explore the fate of the world in different ways, and they are all pretty awesome.

    Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

    Movies Like Avatar: Pan's Labyrinth

    Here at RetroEnt, we’re obsessed with Guillermo del Toro, and if you take The Shape of Water out of the equation, this is his best directorial work yet. Pan’s Labyrinth takes place just after the Spanish Civil War, and mixes together the harsh realities of the human world, with a fantastical underworld labyrinth. If you love Avatar, we have no doubt that you’ll love this movie!

    Solaris (1972)

    Movies Like Avatar: Solaris

    If you’re looking for a movie similar to Avatar, you should definitely check out Solaris. This 1972 adaptation (avoid the 2002 adaptation like the plague) follows the life of a psychologist, who embarks on a mission into outer space. In an attempt to uncover the strange goings-on around the Solaris planet, he tries to determine how his former scientists met an unwelcome death. It’s a true science fiction psychological thriller. You’ll love it.

    Life of Pi (2012)

    Movies Like Avatar: The Life of Pi

    If you loved the epic special effects and other-worldly landscapes of Avatar, you’re going to be just as obsessed with the Life of Pi. Shot inside a single studio, this movie takes place adrift the Pacific Ocean, after a shipwreck leaves a 16-year-old boy stranded with a Bengali Tiger (yeah, not great). As the boy and the tiger struggle to stay afloat, they form an unlikely bond that may just be their key to survival.

    Interstellar (2014)

    Movies Like Avatar: Interstellar

    Let’s be honest, Christopher Nolan is a genius – and what he did with Interstellar is a work of art. Yep, you’ll love Interstellar if you love Avatar. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Jessica Chastain and more megastars, this movie takes place in a dystopian society, where humans are on the brink of destruction. To continue the survival of the human race, a heroic group of astronauts need to travel through a wormhole and find a new resting place.

    Blade Runner (1982)

    Movies Like Avatar: Blade Runner

    Oh come on, there’s no way you HAVEN’T heard of Blade Runner. With the release of the Blade Runner 2049 sequel this year, we’re on a major Harrison Ford Hype – so why not re-watch the original? This 1982 movie takes place in the futuristic, dystopain year of 2019 and features a battle between replicants and humans. In this movie, we truly ask ourselves what it means to be human.

    If you love Avatar, you’ll love all of the movies on this list. Although we’ve given you all of the information you could possibly need, we have left you with one major problem… which one of the movies like Avatar do you watch first?

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