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New Michael Jackson Biopic Has Released Its First Trailer

And we’re not too sure about it


    Whether you loved him, whether you hated him, or whether you were just ‘meh’ about him, you can’t deny that Michael Jackson had an impact on pop culture in one way or another. But if you wanted to know a bit more about his last years, this new biopic could answer all of your questions – and the first trailer has just been released.

    The new biopic is entitled Searching for Neverland, and from the looks of the first trailer – it’s going to be one hefty, and heavy watch. Fans will see his last years and his controversial death, played by a professional Michael Jackson impersonator, Navi.

    The new trailer opens with Jackson’s two bodyguards, Javon Beard and Bill Whitfield (played by Sam Adegoke and Chad L. Coleman) being questioned by investigating officers. These bodyguards were an integral part of the Michael Jackson case, and they even co-wrote the book which this new series has been based upon.

    It seems like a major part of the biopic will focus on Michael Jackson’s yearning for a normal life. During the trailer, we hear the bodyguard say,

    He doesn’t want to be the King of Pop. He just wants to be Mike… a normal American dad.

    Throughout the trailer, we see him try and live a normal life with his kids, while they watch movies together, celebrate birthdays and chase their puppy. But he becomes increasingly distressed about the events surrounding his life and his fame. And we have to admit, Navi does a good job. Check it out for yourself:

    Watch Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland on Lifetime on May 29.

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