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Kenneth Branagh Set To Bring Artemis Fowl To Life With An All-Star Cast

He’s got a few of his Murder on the Orient Express friends on board…


    Here at RetroEnt, we’re obsessed with reading. Yep, we’ll accept it. We’re the ultimate bookworms, and we stand proudly with our bookmarks, library card and reading lamp in hand! When we were younger, we had a fair few book series’ that we couldn’t get enough of. Of course, there was Harry Potter (Gryffindor fo’ life), there was Lord of the Rings (we just loved the idea of second breakfast), there was A Series Of Unfortunate Events (and Count Olaf *boo* *hiss*) and there was Artemis Fowl. Amazingly, this epic book series is now being brought to life by none other than the man of the moment, Kenneth Branagh. As if that wasn’t cool enough, he’s got a few of his Murder on the Orient Express friends on board too – if you’ll excuse the pun…

    A New Artemis Fowl Movie Is In The Works

    Artemis Fowl is an eight-part science fiction series written by the Irish writer, Eoin Colfer. This series follows the life of Artemis Fowl II – a self-proclaimed criminal mastermind who takes himself on unbelievable adventures that include holding fairies for ransom, rescuing his father from the Russian Mafia, and saving the world from impending doom. All in a day’s work, of course. The first Artemis Fowl book was released in 2001 and has since sold over 20 million copies, which means this is an ideal new move for acting and directing legend, Kenneth Branagh.

    Those of you who love RetroEnt (which is everyone, right?) will remember us harping on about Kenneth Branagh a few months ago, as we awaited the arrival of his Agatha Christie movie adaptation, Murder on the Orient Express. Although the movie wasn’t met with overwhelming reviews, it has done well at the box office and has seemed to spark a bookish interest in Branagh’s mind. In an awesome new move, he has now confirmed that he will direct Disney’s 2019 movie adaptation of Artemis Fowl, and he’s even confirmed a few famous faces for the role.

    Yep, Branagh has enlisted the help of fellow Murder on the Orient Express stars, Josh Gad and Dame Judi Dench for the new movie. It’s been reported that Dench will play the leader of the fairy police, Commander Root, and Gad will play the sneaky elf, Mulch Diggums. The pair will also be joined by Lara McDonnell and Nonso Anozie.
    Kenneth Branagh has Judi Dench and Josh Gad On Board For Artemis Fowl Movie

    However, the most exciting new addition to the cast list is Artemis himself. It’s believed that a whopping 1,200 actors auditioned for the lead character, but an Irish local by the name of Ferdia Shaw proved that he was the boy for the job. This epic new movie will form his first professional acting debut, so we can’t wait to see what he’s like! Needless to say, he’ll thrive under Branagh’s direction.

    Artemis Fowl is set to start filming in 2018 in the United Kingdom, for a scheduled 2019 release date.

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