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James Franco In Talks With Fox To Become Epic New Superhero In X-Men Universe

Now we can love him ‘multiple’ times!


    It’s fair to say that James Franco is already our favorite person of 2017, thanks to his hilarious efforts writing, directing and starring in The Disaster Artist – but it seems he’s soon to be our favorite person EVER, as it’s been reported that James Franco is in talks with Fox to become an epic new superhero in the iconic X-Men Universe. Have we died and gone to heaven? We think so.

    James Franco in talks to play Multiple Man

    Yep, everyone’s favorite Franco brother (sorry, Dave) is set to join the X-Men gang as Jamie Madrox, who goes by the name of Multiple Man, a superhero who can create and control multiple copies of himself – and that’s basically the coolest thing we’ve ever heard. It’s believed that this new movie will be a stand-alone storyline within the X-Men Universe, and will be written by none other than the Marvel and DC legend, Allan Heinberg. This news means Franco is in good hands, as Allan wowed the world with his Wonder Woman script earlier this year (and let’s be honest, we’re obsessed with Wonder Woman).

    The new movie will also be directed by Simon Kinberg, an icon in the superhero world. Kinberg has worked on countless X-Men movies in the past, and has even written the screenplay for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which will be released next year. As if he wasn’t cool enough already, Kinberg also produced Deadpool (easily the best Marvel movie, there’s no competition), Deadpool 2, Logan, The Martian, Jumper, and Cinderella. Basically, mixing Franco, Kinberg and Heinberg into one movie is the best sandwich you could ever ask for. Yum.

    Allan Heinberg, Simon Kinberg and James Franco join forces to create Multiple Man

    This news further enhances the idea that Fox is taking over the world (no biggie). Over the past few years, the film company has ramped up the involvement and speed in which they release X-Men movies, and with an actor like James Franco on board, we can only expect them to have another success on their hands. So far, there’s no news on the storyline, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out!

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