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James Cameron Has Finally Let Loose About Kate Winslet’s Character In Avatar 2

Man, she sounds cool…


    If you’re a fan of RetroEnt (which you totally should be), you’ll know that we’re super nerds. Yep, we’re geeks. We love superheroes, we love video games, we love movies, and we LOVE Avatar. Obviously, it’s pretty hard to not love Avatar, but our love is on another level. If fact, our love stretches from here to Pandora (lol, geddit?)

    Kate Winslet's character in Avatar 2 revealed

    So, we’ve been pretty good at keeping you up to date with any Avatar news so far. We’ve told you that there will be a whopping FOUR Avatar sequels, and a couple of months ago we let slip that the one and only Kate Winslet would be joining the cast of Avatar 2 – her first foray with James Cameron since her Titanic days. Aw. At the time, we had absolutely no clue what role Kate would play in the sequel, but James Cameron has now given us a little insight into his new project, and how Kate will fit into the mix.

    In a recent interview with Vanity Fair Cameron has opened up about the upcoming Avatar 2 movie.

    She [has a key role], and she’s very excited about it. She blazed through for a couple of days of rehearsals and saw the world that we had created, and how we do the work, and she’s very excited. She plays a character who’s part of the Sea People, the reef people. The one thing she did do is demand that she do all of her own water work. I said, ‘Alright, that’s fine, we’ll have to teach you how to free dive.

    New character revealed for Avatar 2

    I mean, that’s a pretty cool gig. Can we join?! Cameron also let slip that many other actors on set had also been learning how to free dive – which hints towards a major underwater setting. Luckily, the Avatar sequel will be created using a new motion capture system which will create epic shots and intricate systems. But it seems this new technology is proving a little difficult for ol’ Cameron. Nevertheless, the film is still on track for its 2020 release date. We can’t wait to take a trip back to Pandora with Kate Winslet in tow!

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