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James Bond 25 Gets a Release Date and Uh.. That’s About It

You’re in for a story almost as thrilling as Die Another Day


    We couldn’t wait when we heard that there would be news about the upcoming James Bond 25 movie… So imagine our disappointment when all we got was a release date. However, I’ve got to stretch this news story into at least 300 words – so prepare for a wild journey as I talk about James Bond 25 being released on 8 November 2019. Darn, peaked too soon.

    In all seriousness, however, it is pretty exciting news to have producers finally confirm the release of the 25th James Bond movie; it’s been a long time coming. In true Bond fashion, the Brits will get the movie slightly earlier than the rest of the world (sorry guys, but you know, he is like THE Brit). Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will be producing the film; something which Wilson has been doing since Moonraker and his half-sister Broccoli has been involved with since the late 80s. No big shockers there then. Sooooo, is there anything new for us to talk about?

    james bond 25 release date has been announced, and daniel craig might still play james bond

    Well, Broccoli is apparently keen to get Adele back for the theme song, after her insanely popular Skyfall track. There have also been reports that Daniel Craig WILL be continuing his run as James Bond in the 25th film, but these are all just rumors; we’re waiting on a solid confirmation after he said he’d rather do some pretty horrific things than play Bond again. Such a charmer, Craig. When news broke that he might not be playing James Bond anymore, the bookies went wild with bets on who would be donning the suit and sipping martinis in his place. Idris Elba was a fan favorite (and we’re still hoping this might be the case), along with Tom Hiddleston. However, Brocolli said Hiddleston was “too smug and not strong enough” to play the role. Ouch. There has also been talk of Christopher Nolan potentially directing the film, after he said he had been chatting to producers. Now that would be epic!

    And so, we’ve come to the end of our James Bond 25 journey of absolutely no exciting news (for now). We’ll all be at the edge of our seats waiting for more juicy goss from the producers – including WHO James Bond will actually be played by. Let’s hope that announcement is a bit more exciting than this one, soz guys.

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