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Jake Busey Reveals The New Predator Movie Character Connection With Predator 2

Stick around, Busey


    We’ve all been a bit wary of the new Predator movie. I mean, can you really have Predator without Arnold Schwarzenegger? Really? Well, we’re warming up to it a little more now, with this new and exciting news which will bring back all kinds of Predator 2 nostalgia feels (something which is, of course, our speciality).

    We’ve known for a while now that the new Predator movie will have a strong overall connection with the 1987 original movie, due to the involvement of Shane Black who has come on board to co-write and direct the new movie. Of course, we all know Shane appeared in the original movie alongside Arnie as Hawkins (duh) so we know the script is in good hands.

    But actor, Jake Busey has now let slip (oops) that there will also be a character link to Predator 2, the 1990 Predator sequel that starred his father, Gary Busey as the leading man (because Arnie turned the role down, which we will never forgive him for).

    Jake Busey to have a connection with Gary Busey's character in the new Predator movie

    If you haven’t seen Predator 2, you might want to close your eyes now – because if you have seen it, you’ll know that it didn’t end too well for Gary Busey in the movie. However, it seems the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, as now his son, Jake Busey will have his turn at fighting off extra-terrestrial monsters. He’s said,

    Shane Black called me and said, ‘Hey, you wanna do this movie? We don’t have money for you but it’ll be a fun thing to come play and be your father’s son.’ And so as much as I have followed in my Dad’s footsteps career-wise, this is like really following in his footsteps by playing a character who is the son of the character he played. And I don’t think there would be any other forum where I would do that. I think this is the one thing.

    Busey has joined the cast of Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Thomas Jane and more debut on 10 August 2018.

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