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J K Rowling Just Revealed There Are TWO Harry Potters – But Who’s the Other One?

Yer a wizard, Harry… but not the first one!


    As you can probably tell, we’re all huuuuuuge Potterheads here at RetroEnt (we’re not even sure the Sorting Hat would be able to fit over our huge Potterheads), and we were all pretty bummed when J.K. Rowling published the last and final book in the Harry Potter franchise in 2007. But J.K. Rowling doesn’t like to let her fans down, so the Harry Potter legend has continued to offer us some more magic with her Harry Potter spin-offs like The Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as offering loads of Hazza P secrets on Pottermore (which of course, we read religiously).

    j k rowling reveals there is another harry potter

    In her latest post on Pottermore, J.K Rowling has given us an in-depth insight into the Potter family – which includes an incredibly familiar name.

    According to Rowling, the Potter family tree starts with an incredibly wacky and eccentric wizard named Linfred of Stinchcombe who was the original inventor of Skele-gro (which is the same potion that helped to re-grow Harry’s broken/missing bones in The Chamber of Secrets). But further down the line, we meet Harry’s great-grandfather – Henry Potter, who was known to his friends and family as Harry.


    And according to J.K. Rowling, the other Harry Potter was just as troublesome (but in a great way) as our Harry Potter – and didn’t stand for no shiz. Harry’s great-grandfather caused a bit of ruckus within the Wizarding World when he publicly condemned the Ministry of Magic, and the Minister at the time, Archer Evermonde, for making it illegal for any members of the magical community to help out the Muggles during the course of the First World War. Yes, Harry.

    harry potter great grandfather was henry 'harry' potter, the first harry potter

    Harry’s grandfather standing up for what he believed in (sound familiar?) resulted in the exclusion of the Potters from the Sacred Twenty-Eight – a group of 28 British magical families who were classed as ‘truly pure-blood’ in the 1930s.

    To be honest, we don’t reckon our Harry Potter would want to be part of the group anyways.


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